Other Words for Conviction

Conviction Noun Synonyms: proof of guilt

Other Words for Convince

Convince Noun Synonyms: win over, talk into, persuade, bring (a)round, sway

Other Words for Cool

Cool Verb Synonyms: chilly, chill, chilling, cooling, unheated, chilled, cold, refreshing, fresh
Cool Noun Synonyms: aplomb, poise, sedateness, control, self-control, composure, sang-froid
Cool Adjective Synonyms: calm, serene, collected, level-headed, quiet, unexcited, unemotional, undisturbed, unexcitable, unruffled, unflappable, cool-headed, relaxed, controlled, under control, self-possessed, self-controlled, unperturbed, phlegmatic, composed, imperturbable

Other Words for Cooperate

Cooperate Verb Synonyms: collaborate, work together, join, unite, interact, team up, join forces, act jointly or in concert

Other Words for Cooperation

Cooperation Verb Synonyms: collaboration, teamwork, interaction, synergism or synergy
Cooperation Noun Synonyms: support, help, aid, assistance, patronage, backing, advocacy, favor, helping hand, friendship, blessing, sponsorship, auspices, backup

Other Words for Coordinate

Coordinate Verb Synonyms: harmonize, correlate, unify, mesh, synchronize, integrate, pull together
Coordinate Noun Synonyms: organize, classify, order, arrange, systemize, systematize, codify, categorize, group, match (up), dispose, rate, rank, grade

Other Words for Cope

Cope Adjective Synonyms: manage, get along or by, make do, survive, subsist, come through

Other Words for Cope With

Cope With Verb Synonyms: be a match for, withstand, contend with or against, handle, deal with, dispose of

Other Words for Copy

Copy Verb Synonyms: reproduction, replica, facsimile, likeness, imitation, double, twin, duplication, duplicate, transcript, replication, carbon (copy), photocopy, print
Copy Noun Synonyms: example, sample, specimen

Other Words for Cord

Cord Verb Synonyms: string, line, twine, rope

Other Words for Cordial

Cordial Noun Synonyms: friendly, warm, affable, amiable, kindly, genial, gracious, welcoming, pleasant, good-natured, nice, courteous, polite

Other Words for Core

Core Adjective Synonyms: centre, heart, middle, nucleus, inside(s)
Core Noun Synonyms: essence, marrow, heart, pith, gist, quintessence, sum and substance

Other Words for Corps

Corps Verb Synonyms: body of men or women, troop, cadre, unit, detachment, cohort, division, battalion, brigade, platoon, squad, column, squadron

Other Words for Corpse

Corpse Noun Synonyms: body, remains, cadaver, stiff, (of an animal) carcass

Other Words for Correct

Correct Noun Synonyms: right, set or put right, amend, redress, rectify, remedy, repair, fix, cure
Correct Verb Synonyms: scold, admonish, rebuke, reprimand, berate, chide, reprove, censure, blame
Correct Adjective Synonyms: conventional, established, set, standard, normal, orthodox, approved, in order, de rigueur, comme il faut,ual, natural, customary, traditional, done, right, tickety-boo

Other Words for Correction

Correction Noun Synonyms: punishment, castigation, chastisement
Correction Adjective Synonyms: improvement, emendation, rectification, redress, remedy, reparation, amendment, corrigendum

Other Words for Correspond

Correspond Verb Synonyms: write, communicate, be in touch or contact
Correspond Noun Synonyms: agree, conform, tally, comply, accord, harmonize, be congruous, match, coincide

Other Words for Correspondent

Correspondent Verb Synonyms: newspaperman, newspaperwoman, pressman, presswoman, journalist, reporter, stringer, newsman, newsperson

Other Words for Corridor

Corridor Noun Synonyms: hall, hallway, passage, passageway

Other Words for Corrupt

Corrupt Verb Synonyms: adulterate, contaminate, pollute, taint, defile, infect, spoil, poison
Corrupt Noun Synonyms: dishonest, untrustworthy, dishonorable, underhand(ed), venal, crooked
Corrupt Adjective Synonyms: debased, depraved, perverted, subverted, evil, wicked, degenerate, degraded

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