Other Words for Cost

Cost Verb Synonyms: price, outlay, payment, charge, expense, expenditure, rate, tariff
Cost Noun Synonyms: sell for, get, fetch, bring in, set (someone) back

Other Words for Costume

Costume Verb Synonyms: dress, clothing, attire, clothes, garb, apparel, raiment, garments, outfit, vestment, livery, uniform, kit, gear, togs, get-up, rags, threads

Other Words for Cot

Cot Adjective Synonyms: bed, crib, cradle, bunk

Other Words for Cottage

Cottage Noun Synonyms: hut, shack, cabin, bungalow, shanty, cot, lodge, chalet

Other Words for Couch

Couch Noun Synonyms: sofa, settee, settle, divan, love-seat, chaise (longue), day-bed, tˆte-…-tˆte, vis-a-vis, siamoise, Davenport

Other Words for Council

Council Verb Synonyms: assembly, meeting, conclave, conference, synod, consistory, convention, congress, congregation, gathering, convocation, caucus
Council Noun Synonyms: board, ministry, directors, cabinet, panel, committee, body, directorate, directory, caucus

Other Words for Counsel

Counsel Noun Synonyms: advice, judgment, direction, opinion, guidance, instruction, recommendation, exhortation, par‘nesis

Other Words for Counselor

Counselor Verb Synonyms: adviser or advisor, counsel, lawyer, counsellor-at-law, barrister, counselor, counselor-at-law, attorney

Other Words for Count

Count Noun Synonyms: count up or off, enumerate, number, calculate, add up, total, reckon, compute, tally, figure up, quantify, figure out
Count Verb Synonyms: include, consider, regard, deem, judge, look on or upon

Other Words for Count On

Count On Verb Synonyms: rely on or upon, depend on or upon, be sure of, trust, bank on, be confident of, reckon on or upon, figure on or upon

Other Words for Counter

Counter Noun Synonyms: table, bar
Counter Verb Synonyms: token, disc, chip, piece, marker

Other Words for Counteract

Counteract Noun Synonyms: counterbalance, neutralize, correct, annul, nullify, cancel, oppose, mitigate

Other Words for Counterfeit

Counterfeit Verb Synonyms: forged, fake, fraudulent, imitation, bogus, spurious, phony
Counterfeit Noun Synonyms: forge, copy, reproduce, falsify, imitate, hang paper
Counterfeit Adjective Synonyms: make-believe, sham, pretended, pretend, feigned, insincere, fake, faked, false, artificial, meretricious, pseudo, factitious, synthetic, unreal, simulated

Other Words for Counterfeiter

Counterfeiter Verb Synonyms: paper-hanger

Other Words for Country

Country Noun Synonyms: nation, state, power, territory, realm

Other Words for Couple

Couple Noun Synonyms: pair, duo, twosome, brace, span, yoke, team

Other Words for Couple Of

Couple Of Noun Synonyms: a few, several, a handful (of), one or two, three or four

Other Words for Courage

Courage Verb Synonyms: bravery, valour, boldness, intrepidity, gallantry, dauntlessness, daring, fearlessness, heroism, nerve, grit, guts, pluck, spunk, moxie, sand, bottle

Other Words for Courageous

Courageous Noun Synonyms: brave, valiant, valorous, bold, intrepid, gallant, dauntless, daring, fearless, heroic, plucky

Other Words for Course

Course Adjective Synonyms: path, way, orbit, route, run, track, ambit, line, circuit, passage
Course Noun Synonyms: movement, progress, headway, advance, progression, speed

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