Other Words for Crawl

Crawl Verb Synonyms: inch, creep, drag
Crawl Noun Synonyms: creep, worm, wriggle, wiggle, squirm, edge

Other Words for Craze

Craze Verb Synonyms: fad, fashion, trend, enthusiasm, rage, mania, thing, obsession, last word, dernier cri

Other Words for Crazy

Crazy Adjective Synonyms: silly, absurd, foolish, nonsensical, inane, ridiculous, preposterous, laughable, risible, ludicrous, asinine, stupid, moronic, imbecile or imbecilic, idiotic, feeble-minded, hare-brained, crackpot
Crazy Noun Synonyms: mad, insane, demented, deranged, unbalanced, unhinged, lunatic, non compos mentis, daft, certifiable, mental, touched (in the head), out of one's mind or head, mad as a March hare or hatter, maddened, crazed, barmy or balmy, cuckoo, cracked

Other Words for Create

Create Adjective Synonyms: make, produce, form, bring into being, originate, conceive, sire, father
Create Verb Synonyms: engender, beget, spawn, generate, invent, imagine, think up, frame, forge, fashion, fabricate, manufacture, develop, design, contrive, devise, produce, dream up, initiate

Other Words for Creation

Creation Verb Synonyms: beginning, origin, birth, start, inception, genesis, making, formation
Creation Noun Synonyms: the world, the universe, the cosmos

Other Words for Creative

Creative Noun Synonyms: imaginative, inventive, originative, artistic, original, ingenious, resourceful

Other Words for Creator

Creator Noun Synonyms: God, Supreme Being, the Deity
Creator Adjective Synonyms: originator, author, initiator, founder, father, inventor, architect, designer, framer, maker, prime mover

Other Words for Creature

Creature Noun Synonyms: being, organism, entity, living thing

Other Words for Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort Noun Synonyms: luxuries, extras

Other Words for Credit

Credit Verb Synonyms: ascribe, acknowledge, attribute, assign, impute
Credit Noun Synonyms: belief, faith, trust, credence

Other Words for Creed

Creed Verb Synonyms: tenet, dogma, doctrine, credo, teaching, principles, belief, set of beliefs

Other Words for Creek

Creek Noun Synonyms: inlet, bay, cove, harbor

Other Words for Creep

Creep Verb Synonyms: crawl, drag
Creep Noun Synonyms: crawl, slither, inch, squirm, wriggle, wiggle

Other Words for Crescent

Crescent Verb Synonyms: demi-lune, semi-lune, lune, lunette
Crescent Noun Synonyms: crescent-shaped, demi-lune, semi-lune, biconcave, concavo-concave

Other Words for Crest

Crest Noun Synonyms: seal, device, figure, badge, emblem, insigne, symbol, design
Crest Verb Synonyms: culminate, reach, top, top out
Crest Adjective Synonyms: top, summit, pinnacle, peak, head, ridge

Other Words for Crevasse

Crevasse Verb Synonyms: gorge, chasm, abyss, ravine, fissure, crack, furrow

Other Words for Crevice

Crevice Noun Synonyms: crack, fissure, chink, cleft, cranny, groove, furrow, break, split, rift

Other Words for Crew

Crew Noun Synonyms: group, company, band, troupe, party, gang, team, corps, body

Other Words for Crime

Crime Noun Synonyms: offence, violation, misdeed, wrong, felony, misdemeanour, lawlessness

Other Words for Criminal

Criminal Adjective Synonyms: wicked, evil, bad, wrong, corrupt, vile, black, immoral, amoral, sinful, villainous, iniquitous, flagitious, depraved, disgraceful, reprehensible
Criminal Noun Synonyms: illegal, unlawful, illicit, lawless, dishonest, crooked

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