Other Words for Cringe

Cringe Verb Synonyms: defer, grovel, crawl, fawn, boot-lick, apple-polish, kiss someone's arse or and ass, brown-nose
Cringe Noun Synonyms: cower, wince, flinch, quail, recoil, blench, tremble, quiver, quake or shake in one's boots or shoes, shrink

Other Words for Cripple

Cripple Verb Synonyms: amputee, paralytic
Cripple Noun Synonyms: disable, lame, incapacitate, handicap, maim, impair, damage, weaken, debilitate, emasculate, enervate

Other Words for Crippled

Crippled Verb Synonyms: disabled, lame, handicapped, incapacitated, weakened, weak, debilitated
Crippled Adjective Synonyms: damaged, immobilized, inoperative

Other Words for Crisis

Crisis Adjective Synonyms: turning-point, critical time or moment
Crisis Noun Synonyms: disaster, emergency, calamity, catastrophe, danger

Other Words for Crisp

Crisp Noun Synonyms: brittle, crunchy, friable, breakable, crumbly, frangible
Crisp Adjective Synonyms: curly, crispy, crinkly, frizzy, frizzled

Other Words for Critical

Critical Adjective Synonyms: carping, fault-finding, censorious, disparaging, depreciatory or depreciative, depreciating, deprecatory or deprecative, deprecating, judgemental

Other Words for Criticism

Criticism Noun Synonyms: censure, disapproval, condemnation, disparagement
Criticism Adjective Synonyms: judgment, evaluation, appraisal, analysis, assessment, estimation, valuation

Other Words for Criticize

Criticize Noun Synonyms: judge, evaluate, value, assess, appraise, estimate, discuss, analyze
Criticize Verb Synonyms: censure, find fault (with), carp (at), cavil (at), condemn, attack, denounce, disapprove (of), put down, impugn, blast, lambaste, pan, knock, slate

Other Words for Crooked

Crooked Adjective Synonyms: bent, bowed, askew, awry, deformed, distorted, contorted, lopsided, twisted, misshapen, disfigured, warped, gnarled
Crooked Verb Synonyms: criminal, dishonest, illegal, unlawful, illicit, wrong, perverse, bent

Other Words for Cross

Cross Adjective Synonyms: crucifix, rood
Cross Verb Synonyms: meet, intersect, join
Cross Noun Synonyms: hybrid, cross-breed, mongrel, blend, combination

Other Words for Cross Off

Cross Off Noun Synonyms: strike out, erase, cancel, rub out, delete, wipe out

Other Words for Crouch

Crouch Adjective Synonyms: bend (down), squat (down), hunker down, stoop (down)

Other Words for Crowd

Crowd Noun Synonyms: company, set, circle, lot, bunch, group, coterie, clique, claque, faction
Crowd Verb Synonyms: throng, multitude, horde, swarm, mass, press, flood, mob, flock, pack

Other Words for Crown

Crown Verb Synonyms: coronet, diadem, wreath, fillet, circlet, tiara
Crown Noun Synonyms: sovereignty, rule, dominion, authority, government, realm, rulership, jurisdiction

Other Words for Crucial

Crucial Verb Synonyms: critical, decisive, pivotal, vital, momentous, major, important, essential

Other Words for Crude

Crude Adjective Synonyms: unrefined, raw, natural, original, unprocessed

Other Words for Cruel

Cruel Adjective Synonyms: merciless, pitiless, hard-hearted, harsh, stony-hearted, heartless, unsparing, callous, beastly, cold-blooded, ruthless, unkind, hard

Other Words for Cruise

Cruise Adjective Synonyms: sail, coast, travel, journey, voyage, yacht
Cruise Verb Synonyms: sail, voyage, journey, boat or yachting trip

Other Words for Crumb

Crumb Noun Synonyms: fragment, morsel, bite, scrap, particle, shred, snippet, sliver, bit, speck, scintilla, mote, molecule, atom

Other Words for Crumble

Crumble Noun Synonyms: disintegrate, fragment, break apart, break up, shiver, come to pieces

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