Other Words for Capable Of

Capable Of Adjective Synonyms: disposed to, inclined to, predisposed to

Other Words for Capacity

Capacity Noun Synonyms: volume, content, size, dimensions, room, space

Other Words for Cape

Cape Noun Synonyms: headland, promontory, peninsula, neck, point, ness

Other Words for Caper

Caper Verb Synonyms: skip, hop, frolic, leap, jump, frisk, romp, gambol, prance, cavort, curvet
Caper Noun Synonyms: skip, leap, spring, frolic, hop, gambol, frisk, curvet, gambado

Other Words for Capital

Capital Noun Synonyms: head, top, crown, cap
Capital Adjective Synonyms: chief, main, major, important, cardinal, central, principal, prime, primary, paramount, pre-eminent, foremost, leading

Other Words for Capitulate

Capitulate Verb Synonyms: surrender, yield, give up, submit, succumb

Other Words for Capricious

Capricious Adjective Synonyms: whimsical, erratic, flighty, fickle, mercurial, unsteady, variable, unstable, wayward, unpredictable, undependable, changeable, impulsive, crotchety, quirky, unreliable, inconstant, fanciful, wanton

Other Words for Capsize

Capsize Verb Synonyms: upset, overturn, turn turtle or upside down, tip (over), keel over, invert

Other Words for Captivate

Captivate Verb Synonyms: enthral or enthrall, enslave, fascinate, hypnotize, entrance, beguile, charm, enamour, enchant, bewitch, enrapture, dazzle, infatuate, attract, allure, seduce, win

Other Words for Captive

Captive Adjective Synonyms: imprisoned, incarcerated, confined, caged, locked up, under lock and key
Captive Noun Synonyms: prisoner, convict, hostage, detainee, internee, slave, bondman or bondsman, bondservant

Other Words for Captivity

Captivity Noun Synonyms: confinement, imprisonment, internment, detention, custody, incarceration, restraint, bondage, slavery, thraldom or also thralldom, enslavement, servitude, durance

Other Words for Capture

Capture Noun Synonyms: seizure, taking, catching, arrest, apprehension, pinch, collar
Capture Verb Synonyms: seize, take, catch, lay or take hold of, grab, apprehend, arrest, pinch, collar, nab, nick

Other Words for Car

Car Noun Synonyms: (motor) vehicle, motor car, automobile, passenger car, motor, auto, jalopy, heap, pile, crate, machine, buggy, transport, wheels

Other Words for Card

Card Noun Synonyms: playing-card, pasteboard

Other Words for Cardinal

Cardinal Adjective Synonyms: important, chief, key, special, main, central, principal, prime, primary, essential, necessary, fundamental, supreme, paramount, highest, first, foremost, leading, pre-eminent

Other Words for Care

Care Verb Synonyms: be concerned, trouble oneself, feel interest, worry, fret, trouble, mind
Care Noun Synonyms: anxiety, worry, trouble, anguish, disquiet, distress, grief, sorrow, dolour, sadness, suffering, misery, woe, tribulation

Other Words for Care For

Care For Verb Synonyms: look after, tend, attend (to), watch over, protect, take care of, provide for, nurse

Other Words for Careen

Careen Verb Synonyms: heel over, keel over, loosely career, sway, tip, pitch, veer, swerve, lurch

Other Words for Career

Career Noun Synonyms: employment, occupation, calling, vocation, pursuit, (life's) work, job, business, livelihood, profession, trade, craft, m‚tier
Career Verb Synonyms: speed, race, rush, dash, fly, tear, hurtle, bolt, shoot, zoom

Other Words for Carefree

Carefree Adjective Synonyms: nonchalant, easy, easygoing, insouciant, light-hearted, blithe, happy-go-lucky, breezy, airy, blase, indifferent, unconcerned, unworried, trouble-free, worry-free, contented, happy

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