Other Words for Cabin

Cabin Noun Synonyms
hut, shack, cottage, cot, shanty, bungalow, lodge, chalet, bothy
The old trapper lives in a cabin in the forest. You are welcome to come skiing with us and stay in our cabin.

stateroom, compartment, berth
We had a cabin on the starboard side.

More Words for Cabin


Outside Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Outside Cabin: A cabin having window(s) or porthole(s) offering an exterior view. MORE

Inside Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Inside Cabin: A cabin having no exterior-facing (sea-view) windows or portholes. (see 'atrium cabins' for a new wrinkle in inside cabin definitions.) MORE

Atrium Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Atrium Cabin: Something new to the industry (available only on the largest royal caribbean ships and cunard's qm2), atrium cabins offer passengers windows that face the ship's interior, overlooking the central atri MORE

Balcony Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Balcony Cabin: Any cabin accommodation with a private, exterior balcony. The trend is towards more and more balcony cabins on ships. Once a luxury, some ships (coral princess, crystal serenity, for example) now feat MORE

Cabin Steward

Life Style / Travel / Cabin Steward: The person responsible for maintaining/cleaning the cabins aboard ship. MORE

Oceanview Cabin

Life Style / Travel / Oceanview Cabin: A cabin aboard a cruise ship with a window, such as a porthole or picture-window, and perhaps a balcony/verandah. MORE