Other Words for Cabinet

Cabinet Noun Synonyms
council, ministry, committee, advisors, senate
At the age of thirty, he became the youngest member of the cabinet.

cupboard, bureau, chifferobe, commode, chiffonier, chest (of drawers), chest-on-chest, tallboy, highboy, lowboy
The aspirin is in the medicine cabinet. Our china cabinet is, unfortunately, not a genuine Chippendale.

Drying Cabinet

Entertainment / Photography / Drying Cabinet: Vented cabinet equipped with suspension clips for drying films. MORE

Cabinet Crowd

Business / Finance / Cabinet Crowd: NYSE members who trade bonds with a low daily traded volume. See: Automated Bond System. MORE

Cabinet Pictures

Life Style / Painting / Cabinet Pictures: An old-fashioned name for small easel paintings. MORE

Cabinet Security

Business / Finance / Cabinet Security: A stock or bond listed on a major exchange with low daily traded volume. MORE


Business / Loan / Hud: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development MORE

Craft Worker

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Craft Worker: An individual employed in a profession or activity that uses experienced hands to make something. Apprenticeships are often required and post secondary vocational schools also offer such craft orient MORE