Other Words for Cache

Cache Noun Synonyms
store, hoard, supply, reserve, nest egg, stockpile, stash
The wise hunter keeps a cache of supplies buried along his route.

hiding-place, hole, vault, repository
There was a small cache concealed by the panelling in the library.

Cache Verb Synonyms
hide, store, conceal, squirrel away, secrete, bury, stash (away)
I cached the money in a biscuit tin.

More Words for Cache

Hide / Supply / Reserve / Store / Hole

Cache RAM

Technology / Computers / Cache RAM: Cache (commonly referred to as SRAM) is responsible for storing frequently requested instructions and data. It is a small block of high-speed memory located between the CPU and the main memory. When y MORE

L1 Cache

Technology / Computers / L1 Cache: Stands for level one cache. A memory cache that is built into the CPU core to temporarily hold data being processed. MORE

L2 Cache

Technology / Computers / L2 Cache: Stands for level two cache. A memory cache housed outside the processor core, but still a part of the CPU. Typically larger and slower than the L1 cache. MORE

Primary Cache

Technology / Computers / Primary Cache: Primary cache is the cache located closest to the CPU. Usually, primary cache is internal to the CPU, and secondary cache is external. Some early-model personal computers have CPU chips that don't con MORE

Disk Cache

Technology / Computers / Disk Cache: A portion of memory on the motherboard or another card or controller that is used to store information that is frequently accessed in order to speed up disk access. The large the cache, the greater am MORE

Secondary Cache

Technology / Computers / Secondary Cache: Also referred to as 'Level 2 cache' or 'L2'. In general, L2 cache memory resides on a separate external chip from the microprocessor chip. However, The Pentium Pro processor has an L2 cache on the sam MORE