Other Words for Cake

Cake Noun Synonyms
pastry, bun, gateau
Right now, I should like to have a glass of milk and a piece of chocolate cake.

piece, chunk, bar, block, cube, lump, loaf, slab
Barbara gave me a cake of fancy perfumed soap for my birthday.

Cake Verb Synonyms
harden, solidify, thicken, congeal, dry, coagulate, encrust, consolidate
You can see where the paint has caked.

More Words for Cake

Block / Dry / Lump / Bar

Christmas Cake

Life Style / Christmas / Christmas Cake: A rich fruit cake covered with white icing, eaten at Christmas. MORE


Health / Disease / Ague-Cake: A form of enlargement of the spleen, resulting from the action of malaria on the system. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Cakewalk: Syncopated, strutting dance of nineteenth century origin: developed among Southern slaves in a parody of white plantation owners. MORE

Cheesy Cakes

Entertainment / Bowling / Cheesy Cakes: Lanes that are dressed so that it's easy to get strikes. MORE

Pancake Landing

Technology / Aviation / Pancake Landing: an aircraft landing procedure in which the aircraft is on an even plane with the runway. As the aircraft reduces speed and lift, it drops to the ground in a flat or prone attitude. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Pancake: A particularly hard block that leaves the blocked player lying flat on the field. This statistic is not recorded in NFL, but in NFL computer games, they are the statistics used to determine who is a g MORE