Other Words for Capital

Capital Adjective Synonyms
first-class, first-rate, excellent, superior, matchless, peerless, choice, select, outstanding, fine, superb, splendid, marvelous, extraordinary, smashing, great, super, brill, topping, top-hole, ripping, ripsnorting
Eating out tonight was a capital idea.

chief, main, major, important, cardinal, central, principal, prime, primary, paramount, pre-eminent, foremost, leading
Our capital responsibility is to ensure the passengers' safety.

Capital Noun Synonyms
seat (of government)
Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba.

head, top, crown, cap
The column was surmounted by a finely carved capital.

majuscule, upper case, large letter, initial, cap
The chapter titles should be set in capitals.

money, assets, funds, finance(s), cash, wherewithal, wealth, means, property, resources, savings, principal
My capital is invested in land at the moment.

More Words for Capital

Cash / Main / Money / Property / Select / Chief / Top / Fine / Head

Average Cost Of Capital

Business / Finance / Average Cost Of Capital: A firm's required payout to bondholders and stockholders expressed as a percentage of capital contributed to the firm. Average cost of capital is computed by dividing the total required cost of capita MORE

Net Capital Requirement

Business / Finance / Net Capital Requirement: SEC requirement that member firms and nonmember securities broker-dealers maintain a maximum ratio of indebtedness to liquid capital of 15 to 1. MORE

Risk-Based Capital Ratio

Business / Finance / Risk-Based Capital Ratio: Bank requirement that there be a minimum ratio of estimated total capital to estimated risk-weighted asset. MORE

Recapitalization Proposal

Business / Finance / Recapitalization Proposal: Often used in risk arbitrage. Plan by a target company to restructure its capitalization (debt and equity) in a way to ward off a hostile or potential suitor. MORE

Outstanding Share Capital

Business / Finance / Outstanding Share Capital: Issued share capital less the par value of shares that are held as the company's treasury stock. MORE

Market Capitalization

Business / Finance / Market Capitalization: Total market value in millions of dollars (or local currency) is calculated as market price times public common shares outstanding. MORE