Other Words for Cheer

Cheer Noun Synonyms
disposition, frame of mind, spirit
They were of good cheer, considering their predicament.

comfort, solace, encouragement, consolation
She brought in a little breath of cheer from the outside world.

shout, cry, hurrah, rah, huzzah, hurray or hooray
Three cheers for Penelope.

cheerfulness, gladness, mirth, joy, gaiety, blitheness, happiness, buoyancy, light-heartedness, merrymaking
There wasn't much cheer at the pub when we learnt of what had befallen poor Grover.

Cheer Verb Synonyms
comfort, console, solace, encourage, inspirit, warm, buck up
Your friendly note cheered me considerably.

gladden, enliven, cheer up, hearten, buoy up, brighten, elate, brighten, uplift, lift up
Let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth.

applaud, shout, hurrah, clap, yell, and barrack for
The crowd cheered for five minutes when Mr. Flews stood to speak.

More Words for Cheer

Joy / Mirth / Cry / Spirit / Warm

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