Other Words for Clip

Clip Noun Synonyms
trim (off), lop (off), cut (off), crop, bob, snip
The barber clipped my hair short. Roger has clipped two seconds off the record.

blow, cuff, punch, hit, strike, smack, whack, box, wallop, clout, sock
She gave him a clip at the side of the head and he went down.

pace, rate, speed
I was riding along at a good clip when my horse shied and I was thrown off.

Clip Verb Synonyms
clasp, fasten, fix, attach, hold, clinch, staple
Please clip these papers together.

clasp, fastener
That clip isn't strong enough to hold all these papers.

shorten, reduce, abbreviate, diminish, cut (short)
The film was clipped by fifteen minutes for television. In her rapid-fire way of speaking, she clipped each word.

segment, interval, section, part, portion, extract, cutting, excerpt, cutting, bit, snippet, scrap, fragment
We were shown a film clip of the cheese-making process.

cheat, swindle, bilk, overcharge, rook
They clipped him out of a week's wages. She was clipped for a ten per cent 'service fee'.

strike, hit, punch, smack, box, cuff, whack, wallop, clout, sock
He was clipped on the jaw and knocked out.

More Words for Clip

Extract / Part / Portion / Rate / Snip / Strike / Hold / Section / Speed / Scrap / Fix / Hit


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