Other Words for Cutting

Cutting Adjective Synonyms
severe, biting, chill, cold, icy, frigid, freezing, raw, piercing, penetrating
A cutting wind seemed to go right through me.

sarcastic, sardonic, bitter, scornful, sneering, acid, scathing, acerb(ic), wounding, stern, harsh, caustic, mordant, acrimonious, contemptuous, malevolent, malicious, invidious, vicious, venomous
Her cutting remarks completely devastated me.

scion, slip, clipping
Mrs. Galloway allowed me to take a cutting from her rose bush.

More Words for Cutting

Cold / Slip / Chill / Bitter

Cutting Fluid

Business / Machine Shop / Cutting Fluid: A liquid used to cool and lubricate the cutting to improve the work surface finish. MORE

Cutting Tool

Business / Machine Shop / Cutting Tool: A hardened piece of metal (tool steel) that is machined and ground so that it has the shape and cutting edges appropriate for the operation for which it is to be used. MORE

Cutting In

Life Style / Painting / Cutting In: Painting a surface next to another surface that must not be painted. For example, painting the frame of a window but not the glass. MORE

Cutting Up

Health / Fitness / Cutting Up: Reducing body fat and water retention to increase muscle definition. MORE

Cutting Speed

Business / Machine Shop / Cutting Speed: The surface speed of the workpiece in a lathe or a rotating cutter, commonly expressed in feet per minute (FPM) and converted to revolutions per minute (RPM) for proper setting on the machine. MORE

Free Cutting Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Free Cutting Steel: Bar stock containing a high percentage of sulfur making it very easy to machine. MORE