Other Words for Cycle

Cycle Noun Synonyms
recur, return, rotate, recycle, circle
The water from the fountain is cycled back to the reservoir.

round, rotation, circle, course, series, sequence, run, succession, pattern
We must learn to break the continuous cycles of war and peace.

Cycle Verb Synonyms
consider, ponder, think (about or over), weigh, debate, meditate (on or over), reflect (on or over), cogitate (on or over), study
I shall need a few days to deliberate on that question.

careful, prudent, cautious, painstaking, discreet, considered, considerate, thoughtful, well thought out, thorough, methodical, systematic, fastidious, orderly, punctilious, dispassionate, cool, composed, collected, calm, serene, unruffled
A deliberate speaker, he chose his words with care.

slow, methodical, careful, unhurried, paced, measured, regular, even, steady, sure, unhesitating, unfaltering, confident
He moved across the room with a deliberate step and tore the medals from the general's tunic.

More Words for Cycle

Even / Consider / Thorough / Confident / Weigh / Sure / Run / Round / Slow / Circle / Prudent / Calm / Cool

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