Other Words for Depth

Depth Adjective Synonyms: deepness, extent, measure, profundity, profoundness
Depth Noun Synonyms: profundity, profoundness, abstruseness, obscurity, reconditeness, complexity, intricacy

Other Words for Depths

Depths Noun Synonyms: deep(s), abyss, abysm, chasm, bowels of the earth, (bottomless) pit, nethermost reaches or regions, nadir

Other Words for Deputy

Deputy Noun Synonyms: substitute, replacement, surrogate, stand-in, reserve, proxy, agent, operative, representative, go-between, intermediary, spokesperson, spokesman, spokeswoman, delegate, ambassador, minister, emissary, envoy, legate

Other Words for Deranged

Deranged Noun Synonyms: mad, insane, demented, lunatic, unhinged, unbalanced, berserk, crazy, crazed, psychotic, irrational, non compos mentis, out of one's mind or senses or head, not all there, of unsound mind, crack-brained, mad as a hatter, off the rails

Other Words for Derelict

Derelict Adjective Synonyms: deserted, abandoned, forsaken, neglected, ruined, dilapidated, run-down, tumbledown

Other Words for Deride

Deride Noun Synonyms: mock, ridicule, scoff (at), jeer (at), laugh (at), make fun or sport (of), tease, taunt, twit, poke fun (at), make a laughing-stock (of), sneer (at), scorn, flout, disdain, pooh-pooh, belittle, diminish, disparage, laugh off, rally, knock

Other Words for Derision

Derision Verb Synonyms: ridicule, mockery, raillery, laughter, sarcasm, scoffing, contempt, scorn, contumely, disrespect, satire, lampoon, pasquinade, burlesque, caricature, travesty

Other Words for Derisory

Derisory Noun Synonyms: mocking, ridiculing, scornful, derisive, disdainful, contemptuous, taunting, insulting, contumelious, jeering, sardonic, sarcastic, ironic(al), satirical

Other Words for Derivation

Derivation Adjective Synonyms: origin, descent, extraction, source, beginning, foundation, ancestry, genealogy, etymology, root

Other Words for Derivative

Derivative Adjective Synonyms: derivation, offshoot, development, spin-off, by-product
Derivative Noun Synonyms: derived, borrowed, procured, obtained, acquired, unoriginal, second-hand, copied, imitative, plagiarized, plagiaristic

Other Words for Derive

Derive Noun Synonyms: draw, extract, get, obtain, acquire, procure, receive, secure, gain, elicit, deduce, educe, infer, gather, collect, harvest, glean, cull, winnow

Other Words for Derive From

Derive From Verb Synonyms: arise from or out of, originate in or with or from, emerge from or out of, come (forth) from or out of, arrive from, issue from, proceed from, develop from, spring from, flow from, emanate from, stem from, be traceable or traced to

Other Words for Derogatory

Derogatory Verb Synonyms: depreciatory, depreciating, depreciative, disparaging, abasing, debasing, lowering, denigrating, belittling, diminishing, demeaning, detracting, deflating, minimizing, mitigating, uncomplimentary, offensive, insulting

Other Words for Descend

Descend Adjective Synonyms: come or go down, move down, climb down, get down
Descend Verb Synonyms: decline, incline (downwards), slope, slant, dip, drop, fall, plunge, plummet

Other Words for Descend On

Descend On Verb Synonyms: attack, assault, invade, pounce on or upon, swoop down on or upon

Other Words for Descendant

Descendant Verb Synonyms: offspring, progeny, issue, heir, posterity, family, child, son, daughter, grandchild, scion, offshoot

Other Words for Describe

Describe Verb Synonyms: detail, define, explain, specify, delineate
Describe Noun Synonyms: tell (of), recount, relate, give an account (of), narrate, recite, report, chronicle, retail

Other Words for Description

Description Verb Synonyms: portrayal, characterization, depiction, (thumbnail) sketch, portrait
Description Noun Synonyms: account, narrative, story, report, representation, statement, definition, explanation, commentary, chronicle, history, record, narration, memoir

Other Words for Desecrate

Desecrate Noun Synonyms: profane, defile, blaspheme (against), dishonour, degrade, debase, befoul, contaminate, pollute, corrupt, violate, pervert, vitiate

Other Words for Desert

Desert Noun Synonyms: barren, desolate, uninhabited, unpeopled, lonely, deserted, arid, bare, vacant, empty, wild, uncultivated
Desert Adjective Synonyms: forsake, leave, abandon, jilt, throw over, maroon, strand, leave to twist (slowly) in the wind, run or walk out on, leave flat or in the lurch, leave high and dry
Desert Verb Synonyms: waste, wilderness, wasteland, dust bowl

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