Other Words for Despise

Despise Adjective Synonyms: disdain, scorn, look down on or upon, be contemptuous of, sneer at, spurn, contemn, hate, loathe, detest, abhor

Other Words for Despite

Despite Verb Synonyms: in spite of, notwithstanding, undeterred by, regardless of, in the face or teeth of, in defiance of, without considering, without thought or consideration or regard for, ignoring

Other Words for Despondent

Despondent Preposition Synonyms: dejected, sad, sorrowful, unhappy, melancholy, blue, depressed, down, downcast, downhearted, low, morose, miserable, disheartened, discouraged, dispirited, low-spirited, down in the mouth, down in the dumps

Other Words for Despot

Despot Adjective Synonyms: absolute ruler, dictator, tyrant, oppressor, autocrat

Other Words for Despotic

Despotic Noun Synonyms: dictatorial, tyrannical, oppressive, authoritarian, imperious, domineering, totalitarian, absolute, autocratic, arbitrary

Other Words for Despotism

Despotism Adjective Synonyms: autocracy, monocracy, autarchy, totalitarianism, absolutism, dictatorship, tyranny, oppression, suppression, repression

Other Words for Dessert

Dessert Noun Synonyms: sweet, pudding, pud, afters

Other Words for Destination

Destination Noun Synonyms: journey's end, terminus, stop, stopping-place, goal, end, objective, target

Other Words for Destine

Destine Noun Synonyms: fate, predetermine, predestine, ordain, foreordain, preordain, doom
Destine Verb Synonyms: design, intend, mean, devote, assign, appoint, designate, purpose, mark, earmark, set aside

Other Words for Destined

Destined Adjective Synonyms: certain, sure, bound, ineluctable, unavoidable, inevitable, inescapable
Destined Verb Synonyms: meant, intended, designed, predetermined, foreordained, predestined, fated, doomed, written, in the cards

Other Words for Destiny

Destiny Adjective Synonyms: fate, doom, fortune, lot, kismet, karma

Other Words for Destitute

Destitute Noun Synonyms: in want, impoverished, poverty-stricken, poor, indigent, down and out, needy, on one's uppers, badly off, penniless, penurious, impecunious, insolvent, bankrupt, hard up, broke, on skid row

Other Words for Destroy

Destroy Verb Synonyms: ruin, do away with, end, make an end of, bring to an end, bring or put an end to, terminate, finish, kill
Destroy Adjective Synonyms: demolish, tear or pull down, raze, wipe out, ravage, wreck, smash, ruin, break up or down, annihilate, crush, eradicate, extirpate, exterminate, devastate, commit mayhem, lay waste, vandalize, trash

Other Words for Destruction

Destruction Noun Synonyms: slaughter, annihilation, killing, eradication, murder, extermination, holocaust, liquidation, massacre, extinction, genocide, assassination, slaying, putting to death, putting an end to, making an end of, doing away with, putting away, doing in
Destruction Verb Synonyms: demolition, razing, wrecking, ruin, ruining, ruination, breaking up or down, mayhem, havoc, annihilation, devastation, tearing or knocking down, laying waste, ravagement, rack and ruin, wiping out

Other Words for Destructive

Destructive Adjective Synonyms: negative, adverse, opposing, opposed, contrary, contradictory, antithetical, conflicting, unfavorable, condemnatory, derogatory, disparaging, disapproving, critical
Destructive Noun Synonyms: harmful, injurious, baneful, pernicious, dangerous, hurtful, toxic, poisonous, virulent, noxious, bad, malignant, baleful, unwholesome, damaging, detrimental, deleterious, devastating, deadly, fatal, lethal, fell, killing, internecine

Other Words for Desultory

Desultory Adjective Synonyms: shifting, devious, unsteady, irregular, wavering, inconstant, fitful, spasmodic, unmethodical, disconnected, unsystematic, disorderly, disordered, unorganized, disorganized, inconsistent, random, haphazard, chaotic, erratic, shifty

Other Words for Detach

Detach Adjective Synonyms: separate, uncouple, part, disjoin, disengage, disunite, disconnect, disentangle, free, unfasten, undo, cut off, remove

Other Words for Detached

Detached Verb Synonyms: disconnected, unattached, separate(d), free, isolated, disentangled, unfastened, removed, cut off, divided, disjoined
Detached Adjective Synonyms: disinterested, aloof, uninvolved, unemotional, dispassionate, d‚gag‚(e), reserved, impersonal, impartial, neutral, objective, unbiased, unprejudiced

Other Words for Detachment

Detachment Noun Synonyms: aloofness, unconcern, indifference, coolness, inattention, insouciance
Detachment Adjective Synonyms: separating, unfastening, disconnecting, detaching, disengaging, separation, disconnection, disengagement

Other Words for Detail

Detail Noun Synonyms: particular, element, factor, point, fact, specific, technicality, component, item, feature, aspect, respect, count
Detail Verb Synonyms: assign, appoint, charge, delegate, name, specify, send

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