Other Words for Detailed

Detailed Adjective Synonyms: intricate, complex, complicated, elaborate, ornate
Detailed Verb Synonyms: itemized, exhaustive, comprehensive, thorough, full, complete, inclusive, particularized, precise, exact, minute, blow-by-blow, circumstantial

Other Words for Details

Details Noun Synonyms: particulars, minutiae, niceties, fine points, specifics, technicalities

Other Words for Detect

Detect Verb Synonyms: perceive, note, notice, identify, spot, observe, sense, read, scent, smell, discern, feel, catch, find
Detect Adjective Synonyms: uncover, find (out), discover, locate, learn of, ascertain, determine, dig up, unearth

Other Words for Detective

Detective Verb Synonyms: investigator, private investigator, CID man, policeman, constable, private eye, sleuth, Sherlock, snoop, snooper, tec, P.I., dick, Hawkshaw, cop, copper, gumshoe, peeper

Other Words for Detention

Detention Noun Synonyms: custody, confinement, imprisonment, captivity, internment, incarceration, restraint, literary durance

Other Words for Deter

Deter Noun Synonyms: dissuade, discourage, inhibit, intimidate, daunt, frighten off or from or away, scare off or from, prevent, stop, obstruct, check, hinder, impede

Other Words for Detergent

Detergent Noun Synonyms: cleaning, cleansing, washing, purifying, detersive
Detergent Verb Synonyms: cleaner, cleanser, soap (powder or flakes or liquid), surfactant, surface-active agent, detersive

Other Words for Deteriorate

Deteriorate Verb Synonyms: decay, decline, disintegrate, fall apart, decompose, crumble, erode
Deteriorate Adjective Synonyms: worsen, decline, degenerate, degrade, spoil, worsen, get worse, depreciate, slip, slide, go to pot, go to the dogs, go downhill

Other Words for Determination

Determination Verb Synonyms: resoluteness, resolution, firmness, resolve, steadfastness, tenacity, perseverance, fortitude, doggedness, persistence, constancy, single-mindedness, will (power), grit, guts
Determination Noun Synonyms: settlement, resolution, resolving, decision, solution, judgment, verdict, outcome, result, upshot, conclusion, end, termination

Other Words for Determine

Determine Verb Synonyms: ascertain, find out, discover, conclude, infer, draw, learn, detect, verify
Determine Noun Synonyms: settle, decide, clinch, arbitrate, judge, adjudge, conclude, terminate, end

Other Words for Determined

Determined Verb Synonyms: decided, resolute, resolved, purposeful, dogged, strong-willed, strong-minded, single-minded, tenacious, intent, firm, unflinching, unwavering, fixed, constant, persistent, persevering, steady, unfaltering, unhesitating, unyielding, stubborn, obstinate
Determined Adjective Synonyms: fixed, determinate, definite, exact, precise, distinct, predetermined, ascertained, identified

Other Words for Deterrent

Deterrent Adjective Synonyms: hindrance, impediment, discouragement, disincentive, dissuasion, check, hitch, obstacle, obstruction, stumbling-block, catch, snag, rub, fly in the ointment, bar, drawback

Other Words for Detest

Detest Noun Synonyms: despise, loathe, hate, abhor, execrate, abominate

Other Words for Detour

Detour Verb Synonyms: diversion, deviation, circuitous route or way, roundabout way, bypass
Detour Noun Synonyms: deviate, turn (away) from, divert, bypass

Other Words for Detract From

Detract From Verb Synonyms: diminish, reduce, take away from, subtract from, lessen, depreciate, disparage

Other Words for Detriment

Detriment Verb Synonyms: disadvantage, drawback, liability, damage, harm, ill, impairment, injury, hurt, loss

Other Words for Detrimental

Detrimental Noun Synonyms: disadvantageous, harmful, injurious, hurtful, damaging, deleterious, destructive, prejudicial, adverse, unfavorable, inimical, pernicious

Other Words for Devastate

Devastate Adjective Synonyms: lay waste, ravage, destroy, waste, sack, raze, ruin, desolate, spoil, wreck, demolish, level, flatten, gut, obliterate
Devastate Verb Synonyms: disconcert, confound, discomfit, take aback, nonplus, shatter, overwhelm, abash, shock, humiliate, mortify, embarrass, chagrin, floor, discombobulate

Other Words for Devastating

Devastating Verb Synonyms: keen, incisive, mordant, penetrating, trenchant, telling, sardonic, sarcastic, bitter, acid, caustic, savage, satirical, virulent, vitriolic
Devastating Adjective Synonyms: ravishing, captivating, enthralling, stunning, overpowering, bewitching, spellbinding, spectacular

Other Words for Develop

Develop Adjective Synonyms: bring out or forth, advance, expand (on or upon), broaden, enlarge (on or upon), amplify, evolve, expatiate (on or upon), elaborate (on or upon), reveal, lay open, expose, unfold, disclose, bare, (cause to) grow, realize the potential (of), cultivate
Develop Verb Synonyms: (make) grow, mature, ripen, age, expand, flower, blossom, bloom, increase

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