Other Words for Development

Development Noun Synonyms: evolution, growth, evolvement, maturation, unfolding, maturing, maturity, increase, expansion, enlargement, increment, advance, advancement, progress, improvement
Development Verb Synonyms: occurrence, happening, event, incident, circumstance, situation, condition, phenomenon

Other Words for Deviant

Deviant Noun Synonyms: deviating, divergent, different, abnormal, strange, uncommon, unusual, odd, peculiar, curious, aberrant, eccentric, idiosyncratic, deviate, queer, quirky, weird, bizarre, offbeat, singular, kinky, freaky, bent

Other Words for Deviate

Deviate Adjective Synonyms: turn aside or away, swerve, veer, wander, stray, drift, digress, diverge, divert

Other Words for Device

Device Noun Synonyms: stratagem, scheme, trick, artifice, ruse, plot, ploy, gambit, strategy, maneuver, machination, machinery, apparatus, mechanism, contrivance, gimmick, tool, weapon
Device Verb Synonyms: contrivance, mechanism, machine, machinery, implement, utensil, apparatus, instrument, appliance, tool, gadget, gimmick, contraption, widget, thingumajig or thingamajig, gubbins

Other Words for Devices

Devices Noun Synonyms: pleasure, disposition, will, inclination, fancy, desire, whim

Other Words for Devil

Devil Noun Synonyms: Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Abaddon, Apollyon, Belial, Lord of the Flies, prince of darkness, spirit of evil, evil spirit, cacodemon or cacodaemon, evil one, wicked one, archfiend, Fiend, deuce, Clootie, Old Harry

Other Words for Devilish

Devilish Noun Synonyms: diabolic(al), satanic, Mephistophelian, fiendish, demonic, cacodemonic, demoniac(al), infernal, hellish, villainous, sinister, wicked, evil, iniquitous, sinful, flagitious, heinous, malign, malevolent, malignant, cruel, maleficent, impish, mischievous

Other Words for Devilry

Devilry Adjective Synonyms: deviltry, mischief, mischievousness, roguery, naughtiness, rascality, roguishness, diablerie, archness, knavery, knavishness
Devilry Noun Synonyms: deviltry, devilishness, wickedness, evil, fiendishness, diablerie, cruelty, malice, malevolence, viciousness, perversity, iniquity, hellishness, villainy

Other Words for Devious

Devious Adjective Synonyms: indirect, roundabout, zigzag, evasive, circuitous, crooked, rambling, serpentine, tortuous, sinuous, anfractuous
Devious Noun Synonyms: deceitful, underhand(ed), insincere, deceptive, misleading, subreptitious, sneaky, furtive, surreptitious, secretive, double-dealing, treacherous, dishonest, shifty, smooth, slick, slippery, scheming, plotting, designing, foxy, vulpine, wily, sly, crafty

Other Words for Devise

Devise Verb Synonyms: bequeath, will, convey, hand down, give, assign, dispose of, transfer, bestow
Devise Adjective Synonyms: concoct, make up, conceive, scheme, contrive, dream up, design, draft, frame, form, formulate, plan, arrange, work out, think up, originate, invent, create, cook up

Other Words for Devote

Devote Verb Synonyms: apply, appropriate, assign, allot, commit, allocate, set aside or apart, put away or aside, dedicate, consecrate

Other Words for Devoted

Devoted Verb Synonyms: faithful, true, dedicated, committed, devout, loyal, loving, doting, staunch, tender, staunch, steadfast, constant, ardent, loving, caring, fond, earnest, zealous, enthusiastic

Other Words for Devotee

Devotee Adjective Synonyms: fan, aficionado, adherent, votary, enthusiast, addict, buff, fiend, hound, bug, nut, freak, head, junkie, groupie

Other Words for Devotion

Devotion Noun Synonyms: devotedness, devoutness, reverence, earnestness, religiousness, piety, religiosity, pietism, godliness, holiness, spirituality, sanctity, worship, prayer, observance, ritual

Other Words for Devour

Devour Noun Synonyms: wolf (down), gulp (down), bolt, swallow (up), gorge, gobble (up), gormandize, cram, stuff, eat (up) greedily, gluttonize, pig, pig out (on)
Devour Verb Synonyms: consume, waste, destroy, wipe out, ravage, annihilate, demolish, ruin, wreak havoc (up)on, devastate, obliterate, eradicate

Other Words for Devout

Devout Verb Synonyms: devoted, pious, religious, reverent, worshipful, faithful, dedicated, staunch, churchgoing, holy, godly, saintly, pure
Devout Adjective Synonyms: devotional, reverential, religious, solemn

Other Words for Dexterity

Dexterity Noun Synonyms: cleverness, ingenuity, ingeniousness, tact, astuteness, keenness, sharpness, shrewdness, cunning, guile, canniness, artfulness
Dexterity Adjective Synonyms: touch, nimbleness, adroitness, deftness, facility, knack, skill, proficiency, sleight of hand

Other Words for Dexterous

Dexterous Noun Synonyms: dexterous, deft, lithe, nimble, supple, agile, quick, skilful
Dexterous Adjective Synonyms: clever, ingenious, astute, keen, sharp, shrewd, cunning, guileful, canny, artful, crafty, slick

Other Words for Diabolic

Diabolic Adjective Synonyms: diabolical, devilish, satanic, Mephistophelian, demonic, demoniac(al), fiendish, hellish, infernal

Other Words for Diagnose

Diagnose Adjective Synonyms: identify, name, determine, recognize, distinguish, pinpoint, interpret, analyze

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