Other Words for Difficulties

Difficulties Noun Synonyms: embarrassment, plight, predicament, mess, strait(s), trouble, scrape, hot water, jam, pickle, fix, hot potato

Other Words for Difficulty

Difficulty Verb Synonyms: strain, hardship, arduousness, laboriousness, formidableness, tribulation, painfulness
Difficulty Noun Synonyms: hardship, obstacle, problem, distress, pitfall, dilemma, predicament, problem, snag, hindrance, Gordian knot

Other Words for Diffuse

Diffuse Adjective Synonyms: wordy, verbose, prolix, long-winded, loquacious, discursive, digressive, rambling, circumlocutory, meandering, roundabout, circuitous, periphrastic, ambagious, diffusive, pleonastic
Diffuse Noun Synonyms: spread (out or about or around), scattered, dispersed, widespread, sparse, meager, thin (on the ground)

Other Words for Dig

Dig Noun Synonyms: insult, insinuation, gibe, slur, taunt, jeer, slap (in the face), wisecrack, crack, low blow
Dig Verb Synonyms: excavate, burrow, gouge, scoop, hollow out, tunnel

Other Words for Dig Up

Dig Up Verb Synonyms: unearth, disinter, exhume, bring up, find, obtain, extract, ferret out, winkle out, discover, bring to light, expose, dredge up, extricate, come up with, fossick

Other Words for Digest

Digest Noun Synonyms: assimilate
Digest Verb Synonyms: bear, stand, endure, survive, assimilate, accept, tolerate, brook, swallow, stomach

Other Words for Dignified

Dignified Noun Synonyms: stately, noble, majestic, formal, solemn, serious, sober, grave, distinguished, honourable, distingu‚, elegant, august, sedate, reserved, regal, courtly, lordly, lofty, exalted, grand

Other Words for Dignify

Dignify Adjective Synonyms: distinguish, ennoble, elevate, raise, exalt, glorify, upraise, lift, uplift, enhance, improve, better, upgrade

Other Words for Dignitary

Dignitary Verb Synonyms: personage, official, notable, worthy, magnate, power, higher-up, celebrity, lion, luminary, star, superstar, VIP, bigwig, big shot, big wheel, big name, big gun, hotshot, hot stuff, big noise, big White Chief, big Chief, big Daddy

Other Words for Dignity

Dignity Noun Synonyms: nobility, majesty, gravity, gravitas, solemnity, courtliness, distinction, stateliness, formality, grandeur, eminence, hauteur, loftiness

Other Words for Digression

Digression Noun Synonyms: aside, departure, deviation, detour, obiter dictum, parenthesis, apostrophe, excursus

Other Words for Dilapidated

Dilapidated Noun Synonyms: ruined, broken-down, in ruins, gone to rack and ruin, wrecked, destroyed, falling apart, decrepit, derelict, battered, tumbledown, run-down, ramshackle, crumbling, decayed, decaying, rickety, shaky, shabby, raddled

Other Words for Dilemma

Dilemma Adjective Synonyms: predicament, quandary, double bind, catch-22, impasse, deadlock, stalemate, plight, difficulty, trouble, stymie, snooker, bind, box, fix, jam, spot, pickle, squeeze

Other Words for Dilettante

Dilettante Noun Synonyms: dabbler, trifler, aesthete, amateur

Other Words for Diligent

Diligent Noun Synonyms: persevering, persistent, industrious, assiduous, sedulous, intent, steady, steadfast, focused, concentrated, earnest, attentive, conscientious, hard-working, indefatigable, tireless, constant, painstaking, careful, thorough, scrupulous, meticulous

Other Words for Dilute

Dilute Adjective Synonyms: water (down), thin (down or out), cut, weaken, doctor, adulterate, mitigate, lessen, diminish, decrease

Other Words for Dim

Dim Adjective Synonyms: stupid, obtuse, doltish, dull, dull-witted, foolish, slow-witted, dim-witted, dense, thick, dumb
Dim Verb Synonyms: obscure, obscured, vague, faint, weak, weakened, pale, imperceptible, fuzzy, indistinct, ill-defined, indiscernible, undefined, indistinguishable, foggy, clouded, cloudy, nebulous, blurred, blurry, unclear, dull, hazy, misty, dark, shadowy, murky

Other Words for Diminish

Diminish Verb Synonyms: decrease, decline, abate, lessen, reduce, lower, shrink, curtail, contract, lop, crop, dock, clip, prune, cut, truncate, cut down, abbreviate, shorten, abridge, compress, condense, pare (down), scale down, boil down

Other Words for Diminutive

Diminutive Verb Synonyms: small, tiny, little, miniature, petite, minute, minuscule, mini, compact, undersized, pocket, pocket-sized, pygmy, elfin, Lilliputian, midget, wee, microscopic, micro, infinitesimal, vest-pocket, vest-pocket-sized, teeny, teeny-weeny or teensy-weeny

Other Words for Din

Din Adjective Synonyms: noise, clamour, uproar, shouting, screaming, yelling, babel, clangour, clatter, commotion, racket, row, hullabaloo, hubbub, hurly-burly, rumpus, hollering, blare, blaring, bray, braying, bellow, bellowing, roar, blast, roaring, pandemonium
Din Noun Synonyms: instil, drum, hammer

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