Other Words for Dine

Dine Verb Synonyms: eat, banquet, feast, sup, break bread, breakfast, lunch, have a bite or snack, nibble, feed, nosh

Other Words for Dingy

Dingy Verb Synonyms: dark, dull, gloomy, dim, lacklustre, faded, discoloured, dusky, drab, dreary, dismal, cheerless, depressing, gloomy, shadowy, tenebrous, smoky, sooty, grey-brown, smudgy, grimy, dirty, soiled

Other Words for Dip

Dip Noun Synonyms: lowering, sinking, depression, drop, slump, decline
Dip Verb Synonyms: decline, go down, fall, descend, sag, sink, subside, slump
Dip Adjective Synonyms: immerse, plunge, duck, dunk, douse, bathe, submerge

Other Words for Dip In

Dip In Verb Synonyms: dabble in, play at, skim, scan

Other Words for Diplomacy

Diplomacy Noun Synonyms: tact, tactfulness, adroitness, discretion

Other Words for Diplomatic

Diplomatic Noun Synonyms: tactful, discreet, prudent, wise, sensitive, politic, courteous, polite, discerning, perceptive, perspicacious, thoughtful

Other Words for Dire Straits

Dire Straits Noun Synonyms: bad or poor state or condition, trouble, predicament, plight, mess, dilemma, tight spot, hot water, bind pickle, jam, scrape, pretty or fine kettle of fish, box

Other Words for Direct

Direct Adjective Synonyms: manage, handle, run, administer, govern, regulate, control, operate, superintend, supervise, command, head up, rule, call the shots
Direct Verb Synonyms: guide, lead, conduct, pilot, steer, show or point (the way), be at the helm, advise, counsel, instruct, mastermind,her, escort

Other Words for Direction

Direction Adjective Synonyms: directing, aiming, pointing, guiding, guidance, conducting, conduct, instructing, instruction, managing, management, administering, administration, governing, government, supervising, supervision, operating, operation, running, leadership, directorship

Other Words for Directions

Directions Noun Synonyms: instruction(s), information, bearing, road, way, route, avenue, course

Other Words for Directly

Directly Noun Synonyms: straight, in a beeline, unswervingly, undeviatingly, as the crow flies
Directly Adverb Synonyms: immediately, at once, straight away, right away, quickly, promptly, without delay, speedily, instantly, momentarily

Other Words for Director

Director Noun Synonyms: guide, leader, steersman, helmsman, pilot, skipper, commander, commandant, captain, cicerone, maestro, concert-master, conductor, impresario
Director Conjunction Synonyms: executive, administrator, official, principal, chairman, president, vice-president, governor, head, chief, boss, manager, superintendent, supervisor, overseer, foreman, headman, kingpin, number one, numero uno, Mr. Big, the man, top dog, top

Other Words for Dirt

Dirt Noun Synonyms: soil, mud, muck, mire, grime, slime, sludge, ooze, slop, dust, soot, excrement, ordure, filth, waste, refuse, trash, garbage, rubbish, offal, junk, dross, sweepings, leavings, scrap, orts, gunge, grunge

Other Words for Dirty

Dirty Adjective Synonyms: unfair, unscrupulous, unsporting, dishonest, mean, underhand(ed), unsportsmanlike, dishonorable, deceitful, corrupt, treacherous, perfidious, villainous, disloyal, malicious, malevolent, rotten, filthy
Dirty Noun Synonyms: foul, unclean, befouled, soiled, begrimed, sooty, grimy, filthy, mucky, besmeared, besmirched, befouled, polluted, squalid, sullied, stained, spotted, smudged, slovenly, unwashed, bedraggled, slatternly, untidy, gungy, grungy

Other Words for Disability

Disability Verb Synonyms: handicap, impairment, defect, infirmity, disablement
Disability Noun Synonyms: inability, incapacity, unfitness, impotence, powerlessness, helplessness

Other Words for Disabled

Disabled Noun Synonyms: incapacitated, crippled, lame, damaged, ruined, impaired, harmed, non-functioning, inoperative, scuppered

Other Words for Disadvantage

Disadvantage Adjective Synonyms: deprivation, set-back, drawback, liability, handicap, defect, flaw, shortcoming, weakness, weak spot, fault
Disadvantage Noun Synonyms: detriment, harm, loss, injury, damage, prejudice, disservice

Other Words for Disagree

Disagree Noun Synonyms: differ, dissent, diverge
Disagree Verb Synonyms: conflict, dispute, quarrel, argue, contend, contest, bicker, fight, fall out, squabble, wrangle, debate

Other Words for Disagreeable

Disagreeable Verb Synonyms: unpleasant, unpleasing, offensive, distasteful, repugnant, obnoxious, repellent, repulsive, objectionable, revolting, odious
Disagreeable Adjective Synonyms: offensive, noxious, unsavoury, unpalatable, nauseating, nauseous, nasty, sickening, disgusting, revolting, repellent, abominable, objectionable

Other Words for Disagreement

Disagreement Adjective Synonyms: difference, discrepancy, discord, discordance, discordancy, dissimilarity, disaccord, diversity, incongruity, nonconformity, incompatibility
Disagreement Noun Synonyms: quarrel, strife, argument, dispute, velitation, altercation, controversy, contention, dissension, debate, clash, rhubarb

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