Other Words for Disappear

Disappear Noun Synonyms: vanish, evaporate, vaporize, fade (away or out), evanesce, Poetic evanish
Disappear Verb Synonyms: die (out or off), become extinct, cease (to exist), perish (without a trace)

Other Words for Disappoint

Disappoint Verb Synonyms: let down, fail, dissatisfy

Other Words for Disappointed

Disappointed Verb Synonyms: frustrated, unsatisfied, dissatisfied, disillusioned, disenchanted, discouraged, downhearted, disheartened, downcast, saddened, unhappy, dejected, discontented, let down
Disappointed Adjective Synonyms: foiled, thwarted, balked, defeated, undone, failed, let down

Other Words for Disappointing

Disappointing Adjective Synonyms: discouraging, dissatisfying, unsatisfactory, unsatisfying, disconcerting, poor, second-rate, sorry, inadequate, insufficient, inferior, pathetic, sad

Other Words for Disappointment

Disappointment Noun Synonyms: dejection, depression, discouragement, disenchantment, distress, regret, mortification, chagrin
Disappointment Adjective Synonyms: frustration, non-fulfilment,unfulfilment, unsatisfaction, dissatisfaction, set-back, failure, let-down, defeat, blow, fiasco, calamity, disaster, fizzle, damp squib, wash-out

Other Words for Disapproval

Disapproval Noun Synonyms: disapprobation, condemnation, censure, criticism, reproof, reproach, objection, exception, disfavor, displeasure, dissatisfaction

Other Words for Disapprove

Disapprove Noun Synonyms: condemn, criticize, censure, object to, decry, denounce, put or run down, deplore, deprecate, belittle, look down on, frown on or upon, knock, look down one's nose at, tut-tut

Other Words for Disarm

Disarm Verb Synonyms: unarm, demilitarize, demobilize, disband, deactivate

Other Words for Disaster

Disaster Verb Synonyms: catastrophe, calamity, cataclysm, tragedy, misfortune, d‚bƒcle, accident, mishap, blow, act of God, adversity, trouble, reverse

Other Words for Disastrous

Disastrous Noun Synonyms: calamitous, catastrophic, cataclysmic, tragic, destructive, ruinous, devastating, appalling, harrowing, awful, terrible, dire, horrendous, horrible, horrifying, dreadful, fatal
Disastrous Adjective Synonyms: awful, terrible, unlucky, unfortunate, detrimental, grievous, harmful

Other Words for Disband

Disband Adjective Synonyms: disperse, disorganize, scatter, break up, dissolve, demobilize, deactivate, retire

Other Words for Discard

Discard Verb Synonyms: get rid of, dispense with, dispose of, throw away or out, toss out or away, abandon, jettison, scrap, trash, dump, ditch

Other Words for Discernible

Discernible Noun Synonyms: perceptible, visible, seeable, perceivable, apparent, clear, observable, plain, detectable, conspicuous, noticeable
Discernible Adjective Synonyms: distinguishable, recognizable, identifiable, distinct

Other Words for Discharge

Discharge Verb Synonyms: expel, oust, dismiss, cashier, eject, give notice, sack, give (someone) the sack, fire, kick out
Discharge Noun Synonyms: shooting, firing (off), report, shot, salvo, fusillade, volley, detonation, explosion, burst
Discharge Adjective Synonyms: release, let out, dismiss, let go, send away, pardon, exonerate, liberate, (set) free, acquit, let off, absolve

Other Words for Disciple

Disciple Noun Synonyms: apprentice, pupil, student, proselyte, learner, scholar

Other Words for Disciplinarian

Disciplinarian Noun Synonyms: taskmaster, martinet, drill-sergeant, tyrant, despot, dictator

Other Words for Discipline

Discipline Verb Synonyms: check, curb, restrain, bridle, control, govern, direct, run, supervise, manage, regulate, hold or keep in check, ride herd on
Discipline Noun Synonyms: training, drilling, regimen, exercise, practice, drill, inculcation, indoctrination, instruction, schooling

Other Words for Disclose

Disclose Verb Synonyms: reveal, impart, divulge, betray, release, tell, blurt out, blab, leak, let slip, report, inform, spill the beans, blow the gaff, squeal, snitch, squeak, rat, peach, fink

Other Words for Discomfit

Discomfit Verb Synonyms: embarrass, abash, disconcert, disturb, confuse, make uneasy or uncomfortable, discompose, fluster, ruffle, confound, perturb, upset, worry, unsettle, unnerve, rattle, faze, discombobulate

Other Words for Discomfort

Discomfort Verb Synonyms: uneasiness, hardship, difficulty, trouble, care, worry, distress, vexation
Discomfort Noun Synonyms: ache, pain, twinge, soreness, irritation, bother, inconvenience, nuisance

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