Other Words for Discriminating

Discriminating Verb Synonyms: discerning, perceptive, critical, keen, fastidious, selective, particular, selective, fussy, refined, cultivated

Other Words for Discrimination

Discrimination Adjective Synonyms: bigotry, prejudice, bias, intolerance, favouritism, one-sidedness, unfairness, inequity
Discrimination Noun Synonyms: taste, perception, perceptiveness, discernment, refinement, acumen, insight, penetration, keenness, judgment, sensitivity, connoisseurship, aestheticism

Other Words for Discursive

Discursive Noun Synonyms: wandering, meandering, digressing, digressive, rambling, circuitous, roundabout, diffuse, long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix, windy

Other Words for Discuss

Discuss Adjective Synonyms: converse about, talk over or about, chat about, deliberate (over), review, examine, consult on, debate, argue, thrash out

Other Words for Discussion

Discussion Verb Synonyms: conversation, talk, chat, dialogue, colloquy, exchange, deliberation, examination, scrutiny, analysis, review, confabulation, conference, powwow, debate, argument, chin-wag, bull session

Other Words for Disdainful

Disdainful Noun Synonyms: contemptuous, scornful, contumelious, derisive, sneering, superior, supercilious, pompous, proud, prideful, arrogant, haughty, snobbish, lordly, regal, jeering, mocking, insolent, insulting, hoity-toity, high and mighty, stuck-up, highfalutin

Other Words for Disease

Disease Noun Synonyms: blight, cancer, virus, plague, contagion
Disease Adjective Synonyms: sickness, affliction, ailment, malady, illness, infection, complaint, disorder, condition, infirmity, disability, murrain, bug

Other Words for Diseased

Diseased Noun Synonyms: unhealthy, unwell, ill, sick, ailing, unsound, infirm, out of sorts, abed, infected, contaminated, afflicted, abnormal

Other Words for Disembark

Disembark Adjective Synonyms: land, alight, go or put ashore, get or step off or out, leave, debark, detrain, deplane

Other Words for Disembodied

Disembodied Verb Synonyms: incorporeal, bodiless, intangible, immaterial, insubstantial or unsubstantial, impalpable, unreal, spiritual, ghostly, spectral, phantom, wraithlike

Other Words for Disenchanted

Disenchanted Adjective Synonyms: disillusioned, disabused, undeceived, disappointed, blase, indifferent, jaundiced, sour(ed), cynical

Other Words for Disengage

Disengage Adjective Synonyms: loose, loosen, unloose, detach, unfasten, release, disconnect, disjoin, undo, disunite, divide, cleave, separate, uncouple, part, disinvolve, extricate, get out (of), get away, cut loose, throw off, shake (off), get rid of

Other Words for Disfavor

Disfavor Verb Synonyms: disapproval, dislike, displeasure, disapprobation, unhappiness
Disfavor Noun Synonyms: disesteem, discredit, dishonour, disgrace, disrepute

Other Words for Disfigured

Disfigured Verb Synonyms: marred, damaged, scarred, defaced, mutilated, injured, impaired, blemished, disfeatured, deformed, distorted, spoilt or spoiled, ruined

Other Words for Disgrace

Disgrace Adjective Synonyms: ignominy, shame, humiliation, embarrassment, degradation, debasement, dishonour, discredit, disfavor, disrepute, vitiation, infamy, disesteem, contempt, odium, obloquy, opprobrium
Disgrace Verb Synonyms: degrade, debase, dishonour, discredit, disfavor, vitiate, defame, disparage, scandalize, slur, stain, taint, stigmatize, sully, besmirch, smirch, tarnish, smear, asperse, vilify, blacken, drag through the mud, reflect (adversely) on
Disgrace Noun Synonyms: blemish, harm, aspersion, blot, scandal, slur, stigma, vilification, smirch, smear, stain, taint, black mark

Other Words for Disgraceful

Disgraceful Adjective Synonyms: shameless, outrageous, notorious, shocking, scandalous, improper, unseemly, unworthy, indecent, rude, flagrant, lewd, lascivious, delinquent, objectionable
Disgraceful Verb Synonyms: shameful, humiliating, embarrassing, dishonorable, disreputable, infamous, ignominious, degrading, debasing, degraded, debased, base, low, vile, corrupt, bad, wrong, sinful, evil, low, mean, despicable, contemptible, opprobrious

Other Words for Disgruntled

Disgruntled Adjective Synonyms: displeased, dissatisfied, irritated, peeved, vexed, cross, exasperated, annoyed, unhappy, disappointed, discontented, put out, malcontent, discontent, testy, cranky, peevish, grouchy, grumpy, moody, sullen, sulky, ill-humoured, bad-tempered, ill-tempered

Other Words for Disguise

Disguise Verb Synonyms: misrepresent, falsify, counterfeit, fake, deceive
Disguise Noun Synonyms: pretence, deception, dissimulation, facade, semblance, front
Disguise Adjective Synonyms: camouflage, cover up, conceal, hide, mask

Other Words for Disgust

Disgust Noun Synonyms: sicken, offend, nauseate, repel, revolt, put off, outrage, appal, gross out
Disgust Verb Synonyms: revulsion, nausea, sickness, repugnance, fulsomeness, outrage, distaste, aversion

Other Words for Disgusted

Disgusted Noun Synonyms: nauseated, sickened, nauseous, queasy, offended, outraged, fed up (with), sick (of), sick and tired (of), grossed out

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