Other Words for Dispossess

Dispossess Noun Synonyms: evict, expel, oust, eject, turn or drive out, dislodge, kick or throw out, boot out, bounce

Other Words for Disproportion

Disproportion Verb Synonyms: inequality, unevenness, disparity, imbalance, asymmetry, irregularity, lopsidedness, dissimilarity, inconsistency, incongruity

Other Words for Disproportionate

Disproportionate Noun Synonyms: unbalanced, out of proportion, asymmetrical, irregular, lopsided, dissimilar, inconsistent, incommensurate, incongruous, unfair, unequal, uneven, disparate

Other Words for Disprove

Disprove Adjective Synonyms: refute, confute, invalidate, contradict, negate, rebut, discredit, controvert, puncture, demolish, destroy, shoot or poke full of holes

Other Words for Disputable

Disputable Verb Synonyms: debatable, moot, doubtful, uncertain, dubious, questionable, uncertain, undecided, unsettled, controversial, arguable

Other Words for Dispute

Dispute Verb Synonyms: argue (about), debate, discuss, quarrel about, wrangle over, differ (on or about)
Dispute Noun Synonyms: argue with or against, question, debate, challenge, impugn, gainsay, deny, oppose, fight (against), object to, take exception to, disagree with, contest, confute, quarrel with, doubt, raise doubts about, dissent

Other Words for Disqualify

Disqualify Noun Synonyms: declare ineligible or unqualified, turn down or away, reject, exclude, bar, debar, rule out

Other Words for Disregard

Disregard Verb Synonyms: ignore, overlook, pay little or no heed or attention to, take little or no notice or account of, dismiss from one's mind or thoughts, turn a blind eye or deaf ear to, brush aside, pass up, wink or blink at, make light of, let go by, gloss over, prete

Other Words for Disrepair

Disrepair Noun Synonyms: decay, ruin, collapse, dilapidation, deterioration, ruination

Other Words for Disreputable

Disreputable Noun Synonyms: low, base, abject, contemptuous, unrespectable, disrespectable, untrustworthy, discreditable, dishonorable, disgraceful, reprehensible, shameful, despicable, ignominious, bad, wicked, heinous, vicious, iniquitous, vile, opprobrious, scandalous, louche
Disreputable Adjective Synonyms: dishevelled, unkempt, slovenly, untidy, shabby, disordered, messy, dirty, bedraggled, scruffy, seedy, threadbare, tattered, down at heel, raddled, down at the heel(s), sloppy, grotty

Other Words for Disrespect

Disrespect Adjective Synonyms: rudeness, impoliteness, discourtesy, incivility, unmannerliness, irreverence, impudence, impertinence, insolence, indecorum, cheek

Other Words for Disrespectful

Disrespectful Noun Synonyms: impolite, rude, discourteous, uncivil, unmannerly, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, irreverent, impudent, insolent, indecorous, pert, saucy, forward, fresh, cheeky

Other Words for Disrobe

Disrobe Adjective Synonyms: undress, strip, bare oneself

Other Words for Disrupt

Disrupt Verb Synonyms: disorder, upset, disorganize, disturb, unsettle, shake up, disconcert, agitate

Other Words for Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction Verb Synonyms: discontent, discontentment, unhappiness, displeasure, non-fulfilment, disappointment, frustration, discomfort, uneasiness, disquiet, malaise
Dissatisfaction Noun Synonyms: annoyance, irritation, dismay, displeasure

Other Words for Dissatisfied

Dissatisfied Noun Synonyms: discontented, displeased, disappointed, unsatisfied, discontent, disgruntled, unhappy, unfulfilled, ungratified, frustrated

Other Words for Dissension

Dissension Adjective Synonyms: disagreement, dissent, discord, contention, strife, conflict, discordance, friction

Other Words for Disservice

Disservice Noun Synonyms: harm, damage, injury, wrong, unkindness, bad turn, disfavor, injustice

Other Words for Dissident

Dissident Noun Synonyms: dissenter, nonconformist, protester or protestor, heretic, rebel, apostate, recusant, revolutionary

Other Words for Dissimilar

Dissimilar Adjective Synonyms: different, unlike, unalike, distinct, separate, contrasting, diverse, unrelated, heterogeneous

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