Other Words for Distraction

Distraction Noun Synonyms: diversion, entertainment, amusement
Distraction Verb Synonyms: bewilderment, befuddlement, disorder, disturbance, upset, confusion, agitation

Other Words for Distraught

Distraught Noun Synonyms: distracted, agitated, troubled, disturbed, upset, perturbed, wrought or worked up, excited, frantic, at (one's) wits' end, overwrought, frenetic, nervous, frenzied, feverish, wild, hysterical, delirious, irrational, crazy, mad, insane, berserk, run(ning)

Other Words for Distress

Distress Adjective Synonyms: anguish, anxiety, affliction, angst, grief, misery, torment, ache, pain, suffering, agony, torture, woe, woefulness, wretchedness, unhappiness, sorrow, sadness, depression, heartache, desolation
Distress Noun Synonyms: calamity, trouble, adversity, catastrophe, tragedy, misfortune, difficulty, hardship, straits, trial, disaster

Other Words for Distribute

Distribute Verb Synonyms: deal or dole out, parcel out, give (out), mete out, dispense, apportion, allot, share (out), partition, divide up, assign, issue, circulate, pass out, pass round or around, hand out, deliver, convey, dish or spoon out

Other Words for Distribution

Distribution Verb Synonyms: apportionment, allotment, allocation, assignment, parcelling or also parceling out, sharing, deployment
Distribution Noun Synonyms: issuance, circulation, dissemination, giving (out), dispersal, dispensation, deployment

Other Words for District

District Noun Synonyms: territory, region, section, sector, division, partition, part, precinct, locality, area, locale, department, province, community, quarter, neighborhood, ward

Other Words for Distrust

Distrust Noun Synonyms: mistrust, doubt, question, be sceptical of, be circumspect or cautious about, suspect, be suspicious or wary of, discredit, disbelieve, smell a rat, be leery of
Distrust Verb Synonyms: mistrust, doubt, doubtfulness, uncertainty, misgiving(s), scepticism, suspicion, disbelief, incredulity, incredulousness, hesitation, caution, wariness, qualm, hesitancy

Other Words for Distrustful

Distrustful Noun Synonyms: distrusting, untrusting, mistrustful, doubting, chary, wary, cautious, suspicious, sceptical, doubtful, dubious, cynical, disbelieving, unbelieving, uneasy, nervous, hesitant, hesitating, unsure, uncertain, leery

Other Words for Disturb

Disturb Adjective Synonyms: interrupt, disrupt, intrude (on), inconvenience, put out, interfere (with), bother, pester, annoy, irritate, irk, upset, plague, hector, harry, harass, worry, vex, provoke, pique, peeve, get on (someone's) nerves, bug, miff, get under (someone's) skin
Disturb Verb Synonyms: agitate, stir or churn (up), shake (up), unsettle, roil, disorder

Other Words for Disturbance

Disturbance Noun Synonyms: commotion, disorder, upset, outburst, tumult, turmoil, turbulence, violence, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly-burly, uproar, brouhaha, rumpus, brawl, mele, breach of the peace, Donnybrook, fray, affray, fracas, trouble, ruckus
Disturbance Verb Synonyms: disruption, disorder, disorganization, disarrangement, disarray, upheaval, interruption, upset, intrusion, interference

Other Words for Disturbed

Disturbed Noun Synonyms: upset, uneasy, uncomfortable, discomfited, troubled, worried, bothered, agitated, anxious, concerned, apprehensive, nervous
Disturbed Adjective Synonyms: psychoneurotic, neurotic, unbalanced, psychopathic, psychotic, maladjusted, mad, insane, out of one's mind, depressed, crazy, unable to cope, bonkers, nuts, screwy, batty, off one's rocker, off the deep end, messed-up, screwed-up

Other Words for Disturbing

Disturbing Adjective Synonyms: upsetting, off-putting, perturbing, troubling, unsettling, worrying, disconcerting, disquieting, alarming, distressing

Other Words for Disused

Disused Adjective Synonyms: abandoned, neglected, unused, discontinued, obsolete, archaic

Other Words for Diurnal

Diurnal Adjective Synonyms: daily, circadian, day-to-day, regular, everyday, quotidian, daytime

Other Words for Dive

Dive Adjective Synonyms: plunge, nosedive, sound, descend, dip, submerge, go under, sink, jump, leap, duck, swoop, plummet
Dive Noun Synonyms: bar, saloon, nightclub, bistro, club, nightspot, joint, dump, honky-tonk, juke-joint
Dive Verb Synonyms: plunge, nosedive

Other Words for Diverge

Diverge Noun Synonyms: separate, radiate, spread (apart), divide, subdivide, fork, branch (off or out), ramify, split
Diverge Verb Synonyms: deviate, turn aside or away, wander, digress, stray, depart, drift, divagate

Other Words for Divergent

Divergent Verb Synonyms: differing, different, dissimilar, disparate, variant, separate, diverging, disagreeing, conflicting, discrepant

Other Words for Divers

Divers Adjective Synonyms: various, several, sundry, miscellaneous, multifarious, manifold, varied, assorted, variegated, differing, different, some, numerous, many

Other Words for Diverse

Diverse Adjective Synonyms: different, varied, diversified, multiform, various, assorted, mixed, miscellaneous, distinctive, distinct, separate, varying, discrete, dissimilar, differing, divergent, heterogeneous

Other Words for Diversify

Diversify Adjective Synonyms: vary, variegate, change, mix, change, spread, distribute, divide, break up, separate, branch out

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