Other Words for Diversion

Diversion Noun Synonyms: detour, sidetrack, deviation, bypass, deviation
Diversion Verb Synonyms: digression, deviation, departure, distraction

Other Words for Diversity

Diversity Noun Synonyms: difference, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, unlikeness, disparity, deviation, divergence, departure, distinctiveness, diverseness, variation, variety, individuality, inconsistency, contrariety, discrepancy, contrast

Other Words for Divert

Divert Noun Synonyms: switch, rechannel, redirect, change, alter, deflect
Divert Verb Synonyms: turn away, turn aside, avert, re-route, deflect, change course, swerve (off or away), shift, sidetrack, depart, deviate

Other Words for Divest

Divest Verb Synonyms: strip, denude, rid, get rid, relieve, disencumber, deprive, dispossess, despoil, mulct

Other Words for Divest Of

Divest Of Verb Synonyms: take or put off, doff, remove, disrobe, unclothe, undress

Other Words for Divide

Divide Verb Synonyms: separate, split (up), break up, cleave, cut up or asunder, partition, segregate, subdivide, disconnect, disjoin, detach, sever, sunder, part

Other Words for Divide Up

Divide Up Verb Synonyms: distribute, share (out), measure out, parcel out, partition, dole (out), deal (out), mete out, allocate, allot, apportion, dispense, give (out)

Other Words for Divine

Divine Verb Synonyms: godlike, godly, holy, deiform, deific, angelic, seraphic, saintly, heavenly, celestial, sacred, sanctified, hallowed, consecrated, religious, spiritual
Divine Adjective Synonyms: superhuman, supernatural, gifted, pre-eminent, superior, excellent, supreme, exalted, transcendent, extraordinary

Other Words for Division

Division Noun Synonyms: dividing, split, splitting (up), breaking up, partition, partitioning, partitionment, separation, separating, diremption, segmentation, segmenting, compartmentation, sectioning, apportioning, apportionment, allotment

Other Words for Divorce

Divorce Noun Synonyms: separation, split, split-up, dissolution, severance, disunion, break-up

Other Words for Dizzy

Dizzy Adjective Synonyms: confused, silly, giddy, empty-headed, scatterbrained, muddled, befuddled, flighty, feather-headed, feather-brained, rattle-brained, hare-brained, frivolous
Dizzy Verb Synonyms: giddy, vertiginous, light-headed, faint, dazed, tottering, unsteady, reeling, tipsy, woozy

Other Words for Do Penance

Do Penance Noun Synonyms: pay, suffer, make amends or reparation(s), atone, wear sackcloth and ashes or a hair-shirt

Other Words for Do The Trick

Do The Trick Noun Synonyms: work, answer, fulfill the need, suffice, be effective, solve or take care of the problem, do or accomplish the necessary, turn the trick, fill the bill

Other Words for Do Violence To

Do Violence To Noun Synonyms: harm, damage, injure

Other Words for Dock

Dock Noun Synonyms: (drop) anchor, berth, tie up, moor, land, put in
Dock Adjective Synonyms: wharf, pier, berth, jetty, quay

Other Words for Doctor

Doctor Noun Synonyms: treat, attend, medicate, cure, heal, practise medicine
Doctor Verb Synonyms: physician, medical practitioner, M.D., general practitioner, G.P., medic, medico, doc, sawbones, bones

Other Words for Doctrine

Doctrine Verb Synonyms: teaching, body of instruction, precept, principle, tenet, dogma, article of faith, canon, conviction, creed, belief, credo, opinion, idea, concept, theory, proposition, thesis, postulate

Other Words for Document

Document Noun Synonyms: paper, certificate, instrument, report, chronicle, record

Other Words for Doddering

Doddering Verb Synonyms: shaking, quaking, palsied, trembling, trembly, quivering, quavering, reeling, unsteady, shaky, staggering, shambling, decrepit, faltering, feeble, weak, frail, infirm, aged, old, superannuated, senile, anile

Other Words for Dodge

Dodge Adjective Synonyms: dart, shift, move aside, sidestep, duck, bob, weave, swerve, veer
Dodge Verb Synonyms: avoid, elude, evade, escape from

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