Other Words for Dodgy

Dodgy Noun Synonyms: tricky, dangerous, perilous, risky, difficult, ticklish, sensitive, delicate, touchy, uncertain, unreliable, rickety, chancy, hairy, dicky, dicey

Other Words for Dogmatic

Dogmatic Adjective Synonyms: arbitrary, categorical, dictatorial, imperious, peremptory, overbearing, doctrinaire, authoritarian, emphatic, insistent, assertive, arrogant, domineering, obdurate, stubborn, opinionated, positive, certain, thetic(al), pushy

Other Words for Dole

Dole Noun Synonyms: give (out), deal (out), distribute, hand out, mete out, share (out), dispense, allot, allocate, apportion, dish out
Dole Adjective Synonyms: portion, allotment, share, quota, lot, allowance, parcel, compensation, benefit, grant, award, donation, gift, largesse, alms, gratuity, hand-out

Other Words for Doleful

Doleful Verb Synonyms: sad, sorrowful, melancholy, gloomy, mournful, cheerless, joyless, sombre, depressed, disconsolate, blue, down, distressed, dejected, downhearted, forlorn, unhappy, lugubrious, dolorous, wretched, miserable, woebegone, dreary, woeful

Other Words for Dolt

Dolt Adjective Synonyms: fool, ass, blockhead, dunce, dullard, idiot, nitwit, ignoramus, numskull or numbskull, donkey, nincompoop, ninny, ninny-hammer, simpleton, dunderpate, dunderhead, bonehead, simpleton, twit, fat-head, goon, moron, imbecile, dope, dumb-bell, dim-witted

Other Words for Domain

Domain Noun Synonyms: realm, dominion, territory, property, land(s), province, kingdom, empire

Other Words for Domestic

Domestic Adjective Synonyms: tame, domesticated, house-trained, house-broken
Domestic Noun Synonyms: home, private, family, familial, residential, household

Other Words for Domicile

Domicile Noun Synonyms: dwelling (place), residence, abode, home, habitation, (living) quarters, housing, accommodation(s), lodging(s), digs, diggings, pad

Other Words for Dominant

Dominant Adjective Synonyms: predominant, chief, main, principal, primary, prevailing, outstanding, pre-eminent, paramount
Dominant Verb Synonyms: commanding, authoritative, controlling, governing, ruling, leading, reigning, influential, assertive, supreme, superior, ascendant

Other Words for Dominate

Dominate Verb Synonyms: overlook, look (out) over, tower over or above, rise above, overshadow, predominate
Dominate Adjective Synonyms: command, control, govern, rule, direct, lead, reign (over), exercise command or authority or control or rule over, have the whip or upper hand (over), run (things), be in or have under control, rule the roost or roast, call the shots or the tune

Other Words for Domination

Domination Noun Synonyms: oppression, subjection, repression, suppression, subordination, enslavement, enthralment, dictatorship, despotism, tyranny
Domination Verb Synonyms: authority, control, rule, power, command, influence, sway, supremacy, ascendancy, hegemony, the whip or upper hand, pre-eminence, mastery

Other Words for Domineering

Domineering Noun Synonyms: overbearing, imperious, officious, arrogant, autocratic, authoritarian, high-handed, high and mighty, masterful, arbitrary, peremptory, dictatorial, despotic, tyrannical, oppressive, strict, hard, harsh, tough, bossy, pushy

Other Words for Dominion

Dominion Noun Synonyms: domain, realm, territory, region, area, country, kingdom
Dominion Adjective Synonyms: rule, authority, control, dominance, domination, grasp, mastery, grip, command, jurisdiction, power, sovereignty, sway, ascendancy, pre-eminence, primacy, supremacy, hegemony

Other Words for Donate

Donate Noun Synonyms: give, provide, supply, present, contribute, subscribe (to or for), pledge, award, bestow, confer, grant, vouchsafe, will, bequeath

Other Words for Donation

Donation Verb Synonyms: gift, contribution, largesse, present, grant, award, alms, offering, bequest
Donation Noun Synonyms: giving, contribution, bestowal, allotment, provision, offer

Other Words for Donor

Donor Noun Synonyms: giver, provider, supplier, benefactor or benefactress, contributor, supporter, backer

Other Words for Doom

Doom Noun Synonyms: fate, karma, destiny, fortune, lot, kismet, downfall, destruction, death, ruin, extinction, annihilation, death, end, termination, terminus

Other Words for Doomed

Doomed Adjective Synonyms: accursed, bedevilled, ill-fated, luckless, star-crossed, bewitched, condemned
Doomed Noun Synonyms: fated, cursed, condemned, damned, destined, ordained, foreordained, predestined

Other Words for Dormant

Dormant Adjective Synonyms: asleep, sleeping, slumbering, resting, at rest, quiet, inactive, still, inert, unmoving, motionless, stationary, immobile, quiescent, comatose, torpid, hibernating, slumberous, somnolent, sleepy, lethargic, dull, sluggish

Other Words for Dose

Dose Adjective Synonyms: portion, quantity, amount, measure, dosage
Dose Noun Synonyms: dispense, administer, prescribe

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