Other Words for Dot

Dot Noun Synonyms: spot, fleck, speckle, stipple, bespeckle
Dot Verb Synonyms: spot, speck, point, jot, mark, iota, fleck, dab, decimal point, full stop, period

Other Words for Dote On

Dote On Verb Synonyms: be fond of, be infatuated with, love, idolize, hold dear, adore, make much of, coddle, pamper, spoil, indulge

Other Words for Double

Double Verb Synonyms: twofold, paired, coupled, duplicate(d), doubled
Double Adjective Synonyms: folded or doubled or bent over, overlapped, two-ply

Other Words for Double-Cross

Double-Cross Noun Synonyms: cheat, defraud, swindle, hoodwink, trick, betray, deceive, mislead, play false with, two-time

Other Words for Doubt

Doubt Verb Synonyms: disbelieve, discredit, mistrust, distrust, have misgivings (about), question, suspect
Doubt Noun Synonyms: distrust, mistrust, suspicion, incredulity, scepticism, dubiousness, dubiety or dubiosity, lack of faith or conviction, irresolution

Other Words for Doubtful

Doubtful Noun Synonyms: in doubt, dubious, questionable, open to question, problematic, debatable, disputable, uncertain, unpredictable, indeterminate, unsettled, unresolved, conjectural, indefinite, unclear, obscure, vague, anybody's guess , up in the air
Doubtful Adjective Synonyms: sceptical, unconvinced, distrustful, mistrustful, suspicious, uncertain, unsure, hesitant, hesitating, vacillating, indecisive

Other Words for Doubtless

Doubtless Adjective Synonyms: doubtlessly, undoubtedly, no doubt, indubitably, indisputably, unquestionably, surely, for sure, certainly, for certain, naturally, without (a) doubt, beyond or without (a shadow of) a doubt, truly, positively, absolutely, absotively, posolutely

Other Words for Dour

Dour Adjective Synonyms: hard, tough, austere, severe, hardy, inflexible, obstinate, stubborn, unyielding, uncompromising, strict, rigid, obdurate, stern, harsh, adamant, hard-nosed
Dour Adverb Synonyms: sullen, sour, unfriendly, cold, gloomy, morose, dreary, grim, cheerless, dismal, forbidding

Other Words for Dowdy

Dowdy Adjective Synonyms: frowzy, frumpy, drab, dull, seedy, shabby, unseemly, unbecoming, slovenly, sloppy, messy, unkempt, old-fashioned, unfashionable, tacky

Other Words for Down And Out

Down And Out Adjective Synonyms: indigent, poverty-stricken, poor, penniless, destitute, impoverished, broke, on the skids, on skid row, on the bum, skint

Other Words for Down At Heel

Down At Heel Noun Synonyms: poor, destitute, impoverished, down and out, on (one's) uppers, in straitened circumstances, shabby, seedy, dowdy, run-down, slovenly, out at elbows, out at the elbows, broke, strapped

Other Words for Down In The Mouth

Down In The Mouth Noun Synonyms: dejected, despondent, sad, sorrowful, unhappy, melancholy, blue, crestfallen, dispirited, disheartened, downcast, (down) in the dumps, broken up

Other Words for Down The Drain

Down The Drain Noun Synonyms: wasted, gone, thrown away, lost, up the spout

Other Words for Downfall

Downfall Noun Synonyms: ruin, undoing, d‚bƒcle, collapse, degradation, defeat, overthrow, breakdown

Other Words for Downgrade

Downgrade Noun Synonyms: demote, dethrone, humble, lower, reduce, displace, depose, dispossess, disfranchise or disenfranchise, military bust, bring or take down a peg
Downgrade Verb Synonyms: belittle, minimize, play down, disparage, decry, denigrate, run down, downplay

Other Words for Downhearted

Downhearted Noun Synonyms: discouraged, depressed, low-spirited, miserable, blue, sad, downcast, dejected

Other Words for Downpour

Downpour Adjective Synonyms: rainstorm, deluge, inundation, cloudburst, thunder-shower, thunderstorm, torrential rain, torrent, monsoon

Other Words for Downright

Downright Noun Synonyms: direct, straightforward, plain, frank, open, candid, plain-spoken, explicit, blunt, brash, bluff, not roundabout or circuitous, unambiguous, out-and-out, outright, categorical, flat, unequivocal, outspoken, unreserved, unabashed, unrestrained, unconstrain
Downright Adjective Synonyms: completely, entirely, totally, thoroughly, certainly, surely, (most) assuredly, definitely, absolutely, unconditionally, unequivocally, very, extremely, unqualifiedly, perfectly, uncompromisingly, unmitigatedly, utterly, unquestionably, profoundly

Other Words for Downtrodden

Downtrodden Adverb Synonyms: subjugated, oppressed, burdened, plagued, afflicted, exploited, overwhelmed, cowed, overcome, beaten, abused, mistreated, maltreated, tyrannized, beat

Other Words for Downward

Downward Adjective Synonyms: declining, sliding, slipping, spiralling, descending, going or heading or moving down

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