Other Words for Downwards

Downwards Adjective Synonyms: down, downward, below, lower

Other Words for Doze

Doze Verb Synonyms: nap, catnap, siesta, sleep, rest, snooze, forty winks, shut-eye, zizz, kip, lie-down

Other Words for Doze Off

Doze Off Adverb Synonyms: (take or have a) nap, catnap, drowse, sleep, slumber, snooze, have forty winks, drop or nod off, grab some shut-eye, (have or take a) zizz, kip, catch or log a few zees (Z's)

Other Words for Drab

Drab Noun Synonyms: dull, colourless, dreary, dingy, lacklustre, lustreless, dismal, cheerless, grey, sombre

Other Words for Draft

Draft Adjective Synonyms: plan, sketch, drawing, outline, rough (sketch), blueprint, diagram, prospectus
Draft Noun Synonyms: bill of exchange, cheque, money order, postal order, letter of credit

Other Words for Drag

Drag Verb Synonyms: pull, draw, haul, tow, tug, trail, lug

Other Words for Drag Your Feet

Drag Your Feet Verb Synonyms: drag one's heels, delay, procrastinate, hang back, obstruct, block, stall

Other Words for Drain

Drain Verb Synonyms: consume,e up, exhaust, sap, deplete, bleed, strain, tax, spend, weaken, debilitate, impair, cripple
Drain Noun Synonyms: ditch, channel, trench, culvert, conduit, pipe, gutter, outlet, watercourse, sewer, cloaca

Other Words for Drama

Drama Noun Synonyms: dramaturgy, stagecraft, theatre art(s), Thespian or histrionic art(s), acting, theatre, dramatic art
Drama Verb Synonyms: play, stage play, photoplay, screenplay, (stage) show, (theatrical) piece, (stage) production, scenario

Other Words for Dramatic

Dramatic Noun Synonyms: theatric(al), dramaturgic(al), Thespian, histrionic, stage
Dramatic Adjective Synonyms: vivid, sensational, startling, breathtaking, sudden, striking, noticeable, extraordinary, impressive, marked, shocking, expressive, graphic, effective, complete, considerable, radical, major

Other Words for Dramatist

Dramatist Adjective Synonyms: playwright, dramaturge, screenwriter, scriptwriter, scenarist, tragedian, melodramatist

Other Words for Dramatize

Dramatize Noun Synonyms: exaggerate, overplay, overstate, overdo, make a production or show (out) of, lay it on (thick), pile it on, ham (something or it) up

Other Words for Drape

Drape Verb Synonyms: hang, festoon, swathe, deck, array, bedeck, adorn, ornament, decorate

Other Words for Drapery

Drapery Noun Synonyms: drape, curtain, hanging, valance, pelmet, tapestry, arras, portiŠre, lambrequin, drop

Other Words for Drastic

Drastic Noun Synonyms: violent, severe, extreme, strong, powerful, potent, puissant, fierce, forceful, vigorous, rigorous, harsh, radical, Draconian, desperate, dire

Other Words for Draught

Draught Noun Synonyms: dose, portion, measure, quantity, drink, swallow, sip, nip, tot, potation, dram, gulp, swig, tipple
Draught Adjective Synonyms: breeze, breath (of air), (light) wind, current (of air), puff (of air or wind)

Other Words for Draw

Draw Noun Synonyms: pull, tug, tow, drag, haul, lug
Draw Verb Synonyms: pull or take out, extract, unsheathe, unholster

Other Words for Draw Back

Draw Back Verb Synonyms: retreat, recoil, shrink, withdraw

Other Words for Draw In

Draw In Verb Synonyms: arrive, pull in

Other Words for Draw Off

Draw Off Verb Synonyms: tap, pour

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