Other Words for Daze

Daze Noun Synonyms: stun, stupefy, blind, dazzle, bedazzle, shock, stagger, startle, astonish, astound, amaze, surprise, overcome, overpower, dumbfound, benumb, paralyse, bowl over, floor, flabbergast, blow one's mind
Daze Verb Synonyms: befuddle, confuse, bemuse, bewilder, puzzle, mystify, baffle, perplex, nonplus, blind

Other Words for Dazzle

Dazzle Noun Synonyms: impress, bewitch, enchant, charm, beguile, intrigue, captivate, fascinate, spellbind, entrance, hypnotize, mesmerize
Dazzle Verb Synonyms: stun, stupefy, blind, dazzle, bedazzle, shock, stagger, startle, astonish, astound, amaze, surprise, overcome, overpower, dumbfound, benumb, paralyse, bowl over, floor, flabbergast, blow one's mind

Other Words for Dazzling

Dazzling Noun Synonyms: bright, brilliant, resplendent, blinding, bedazzling, radiant, splendid, magnificent, glorious, sparkling, scintillating, stunning, overwhelming, overpowering, stupefying, dizzying, gorgeous, splendiferous, mind-boggling

Other Words for Dead

Dead Adverb Synonyms: completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, abruptly, suddenly
Dead Adjective Synonyms: deceased, defunct, extinct, gone, departed, late, lifeless, no more, done for, gone for a burton

Other Words for Deaden

Deaden Verb Synonyms: weaken, moderate, soothe, mitigate, assuage, reduce, lessen, diminish, alleviate, cushion, soften, mollify, blunt, dull
Deaden Noun Synonyms: numb, benumb, paralyse, anaesthetize, desensitize, dull, damp

Other Words for Deadlock

Deadlock Verb Synonyms: standstill, impasse, stalemate, stand-off, draw, stoppage, Mexican stand-off
Deadlock Noun Synonyms: bring or come to a standstill or impasse, stall, stop, halt

Other Words for Deadly

Deadly Verb Synonyms: lethal, fatal, dangerous, pernicious, poisonous, noxious, toxic, baleful, harmful, nocuous
Deadly Adjective Synonyms: mortal, implacable, ruthless, savage

Other Words for Deaf

Deaf Adjective Synonyms: hard of hearing, stone-deaf

Other Words for Deal

Deal Adjective Synonyms: distribute, dole out, give out, parcel out, mete out, allot, apportion, administer, dispense
Deal Verb Synonyms: buy and sell, handle, stock, do business, trade, traffic

Other Words for Deal With

Deal With Verb Synonyms: treat, handle, take care of, have to do with, attend to, see to, reckon with, grapple with, act on, practise, administer, engage in

Other Words for Dealer

Dealer Noun Synonyms: trader, businessman, businesswoman, merchant, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, vendor, merchandiser, wholesaler, jobber, distributor, stockist, supplier, broker, agent, salesman, storekeeper

Other Words for Dealings

Dealings Noun Synonyms: business, commerce, exchange, trade, traffic, transactions, negotiations, relations, relationships, affairs

Other Words for Dear

Dear Noun Synonyms: dearly, at great cost or expense, at a high or excessive price
Dear Noun Plural Synonyms: beloved, loved, adored, darling, precious, cherished, prized, valued, treasured, favoured, favourite, pet, esteemed, admired, venerated, honoured
Dear Adjective Synonyms: expensive, costly, high-priced, highly priced, pricey

Other Words for Dearly

Dearly Adverb Synonyms: greatly, very much, indeed, sincerely

Other Words for Dearth

Dearth Adverb Synonyms: scarcity, want, need, lack, deficiency, sparseness or sparsity, scantiness, insufficiency, inadequacy, shortage, paucity, exiguity, poverty, exiguousness, absence

Other Words for Death

Death Noun Synonyms: demise, decease, passing, dying, end

Other Words for Deathless

Deathless Noun Synonyms: eternal, everlasting, immortal, undying, imperishable, permanent, unending, timeless, never-ending

Other Words for Debase

Debase Verb Synonyms: adulterate, contaminate, taint, pollute, corrupt, mar, spoil, impair, vitiate, abase, defile, bastardize, poison
Debase Adjective Synonyms: lower, degrade, devalue, depreciate, depress, demote, deprecate, belittle, diminish, reduce, disparage

Other Words for Debatable

Debatable Verb Synonyms: controversial, arguable, questionable, doubtful, dubious, problematic or problematical, disputable, open or subject to dispute or doubt or question, in dispute or doubt or question, moot, polemic or polemical, unsure, uncertain, unsettled, undecided

Other Words for Debate

Debate Verb Synonyms: deliberate, consider, reflect (on), mull over, ponder (over), weigh, ruminate (over), meditate (on or over), think (over or on), think through
Debate Adjective Synonyms: discussion, argument, dispute, altercation, controversy, wrangle, contention, polemic, argumentation
Debate Noun Synonyms: deliberation, consideration, (careful) thought, reflection, cogitation, meditation, contemplation

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