Other Words for Draw On

Draw On Verb Synonyms: employ, make use of, exploit, have resort or recourse to, resort to, fall back on, rely or depend on

Other Words for Draw Out

Draw Out Verb Synonyms: extend, drag out, prolong, protract, lengthen, stretch, spin out

Other Words for Draw Up

Draw Up Verb Synonyms: halt, stop, pull up or over

Other Words for Drawback

Drawback Noun Synonyms: disadvantage, hindrance, stumbling-block, obstacle, impediment, hurdle, obstruction, snag, problem, difficulty, hitch, catch, handicap, liability, flaw, defect, detriment, fly in the ointment

Other Words for Drawing

Drawing Noun Synonyms: picture, depiction, representation, sketch, plan, outline, design, composition, black-and-white, monochrome

Other Words for Drawn

Drawn Noun Synonyms: haggard, worn out, tired, fatigued, strained, pinched, tense, exhausted

Other Words for Dread

Dread Adjective Synonyms: fear, be afraid of, apprehend, anticipate, flinch, shrink or recoil from, cringe or quail or blench or wince at, view with horror or alarm
Dread Noun Synonyms: feared, dreaded, dreadful, terrifying, terrible
Dread Verb Synonyms: fear, fright, fearfulness, trepidation, apprehension, apprehensiveness, uneasiness, anticipation, alarm, nervousness, qualm, queasiness, misgiving, dismay, worry, anxiety, consternation, concern, distress, perturbation, disquiet, aversion, horror, terror

Other Words for Dreadful

Dreadful Adjective Synonyms: bad, awful, terrible, rotten, lousy

Other Words for Dream

Dream Noun Synonyms: imagine, fancy, conjure up, hallucinate
Dream Adjective Synonyms: reverie, day-dream, delusion, fantasy, hallucination, illusion, vision, mirage, pipedream, (flight of) fancy, speculation

Other Words for Dreamer

Dreamer Verb Synonyms: fantasizer, visionary, idealist, romantic, romanticist, idealizer, Utopian, day-dreamer, escapist, fantasizer, star-gazer

Other Words for Dreamlike

Dreamlike Noun Synonyms: unreal, fantastic, unbelievable, phantasmagoric(al), hallucinatory or hallucinative or hallucinational, surreal, delusionary or delusional, illusionary or illusional, delusive or delusory, illusory or illusive, insubstantial or unsubstantial, imaginary

Other Words for Dreamy

Dreamy Adjective Synonyms: dreamlike, vague, indefinite, indistinct, undefined, intangible, misty, shadowy, faint

Other Words for Dreary

Dreary Adjective Synonyms: dismal, joyless, cheerless, gloomy, bleak, drear, sombre, doleful, depressing, wretched, sad, melancholy, downcast, depressed, funereal, glum, unhappy, forlorn, mournful, morose, blue, miserable

Other Words for Dregs

Dregs Noun Plural Synonyms: outcasts, pariahs, rabble, riff-raff, scum, tramps, down-and-outs, losers
Dregs Adjective Synonyms: sediment, grounds, lees, deposit, residue, solids, remains, precipitate

Other Words for Drench

Drench Noun Plural Synonyms: soak, saturate, wet, flood, inundate, immerse, drown

Other Words for Dress

Dress Verb Synonyms: clothe, put on (clothing or clothes), attire, apparel, outfit, fit out, garb, accoutre or also accouter, array, bedeck, deck out, rig out, smarten up

Other Words for Dress Down

Dress Down Verb Synonyms: reprimand, scold, berate, castigate, rebuke, reprove, upbraid, tell off, haul (someone) over the coals, tear (someone) off a strip, chew out, rake (someone) over the coals, tee off on (someone)

Other Words for Dress Up

Dress Up Verb Synonyms: put on dinner or formal clothes, put on one's (Sunday) best (clothes), put on one's best bib and tucker or one's glad rags

Other Words for Dressmaker

Dressmaker Noun Synonyms: seamstress, tailor, couturier or couturiŠre, modiste

Other Words for Dressy

Dressy Noun Synonyms: formal, dressed-up, elegant, fancy, chic
Dressy Adjective Synonyms: elegant, smart, stylish, classy, ritzy, swish

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