Other Words for Drift

Drift Verb Synonyms: wander, roam, meander, stray, rove, ramble, mosey
Drift Noun Synonyms: intention, meaning, purport, purpose, aim, object, tenor, tone, spirit, color, essence, gist, significance, import
Drift Adjective Synonyms: coast, float, waft

Other Words for Drifter

Drifter Noun Synonyms: vagrant, tramp, vagabond, beachcomber, rambler, wanderer, knight of the road, bum, hobo

Other Words for Drill

Drill Noun Synonyms: bore, penetrate, pierce, cut a hole
Drill Verb Synonyms: rehearse, train, practise, exercise, teach, instruct, school, tutor, coach, indoctrinate, discipline

Other Words for Drink

Drink Noun Synonyms: quaff, imbibe, sip, gulp, swallow, swill, guzzle, toss off, lap (up), wet one's whistle, swig, knock back, belt
Drink Verb Synonyms: tipple, nip, indulge, tope, chug-a-lug, carouse, booze, bend the elbow, hit the bottle, go on a binge or bender, drown one's sorrows, go on a toot, pub-crawl

Other Words for Drink To

Drink To Verb Synonyms: toast, salute, celebrate, pledge

Other Words for Drip

Drip Noun Synonyms: dribble, trickle, drop, drizzle, sprinkle
Drip Verb Synonyms: dribble, trickle, drop, dripping

Other Words for Drive

Drive Verb Synonyms: stab, plunge, thrust, sink, push, send, dig, ram
Drive Noun Synonyms: push, propel, impel, urge, press, thrust, move, motivate, actuate, prod, spur, goad, urge, force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, pressure or pressurize, high-pressure, induce, require, demand

Other Words for Drive At

Drive At Verb Synonyms: hint (at), suggest, imply, intimate, allude or refer to, intend, mean, have in mind, indicate, get at

Other Words for Drive Home

Drive Home Adjective Synonyms: stress, emphasize, impress upon, make clear

Other Words for Drive Up The Wall

Drive Up The Wall Noun Synonyms: drive crazy or insane or mad, madden, exasperate, derange, try, irritate, infuriate, enrage

Other Words for Drivel

Drivel Verb Synonyms: gibberish, rubbish, (stuff and) nonsense, twaddle, balderdash, hogwash, eyewash, tripe, garbage, malarkey, hooey, hot air, bosh, boloney or baloney, crap, bull, bilge (water), codswallop, horse feathers
Drivel Noun Synonyms: dribble, drool, slobber, slaver

Other Words for Droop

Droop Noun Synonyms: sag, hang (down), wilt, dangle
Droop Verb Synonyms: languish, weaken, flag, wilt, wither, be limp, slump, sag

Other Words for Drop

Drop Noun Synonyms: bit, spot, particle, taste, dram, sip, nip, pinch, dash, dab, smidgen or smidgin
Drop Verb Synonyms: globule, bead, drip, droplet, tear

Other Words for Drop In

Drop In Verb Synonyms: visit, call (on), pop in (on), come by, stop in

Other Words for Drop Out

Drop Out Verb Synonyms: withdraw, leave, rusticate, depart, decamp, go away or off, take off, turn off

Other Words for Drown

Drown Verb Synonyms: flood, inundate, swamp, deluge, drench, immerse, submerge, engulf

Other Words for Drowsy

Drowsy Verb Synonyms: sleepy, heavy-lidded, groggy, somnolent, dozy, oscitant, nodding, yawning, torpid, sluggish, tired, weary, listless, lethargic, lazy

Other Words for Drudgery

Drudgery Adjective Synonyms: toil, labour, moil, travail, (hack) work, donkey-work, chore, slog, slogging, slavery, grind, sweat, skivvying, fag

Other Words for Drug

Drug Verb Synonyms: anaesthetize, dope, deaden, knock out, sedate, stupefy, numb, benumb, dull, narcotize, poison, slip (someone) a Mickey (Finn)
Drug Noun Synonyms: medication, medicine, medicament, pharmaceutical, remedy, cure, treatment, cure-all, panacea

Other Words for Druggist

Druggist Verb Synonyms: pharmacist, apothecary, chemist

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