Other Words for Drift

Drift Adjective Synonyms: coast, float, waft
Drift Noun Synonyms: intention, meaning, purport, purpose, aim, object, tenor, tone, spirit, color, essence, gist, significance, import
Drift Verb Synonyms: wander, roam, meander, stray, rove, ramble, mosey

Other Words for Drifter

Drifter Noun Synonyms: vagrant, tramp, vagabond, beachcomber, rambler, wanderer, knight of the road, bum, hobo

Other Words for Drill

Drill Verb Synonyms: rehearse, train, practise, exercise, teach, instruct, school, tutor, coach, indoctrinate, discipline
Drill Noun Synonyms: bore, penetrate, pierce, cut a hole

Other Words for Drink

Drink Noun Synonyms: quaff, imbibe, sip, gulp, swallow, swill, guzzle, toss off, lap (up), wet one's whistle, swig, knock back, belt
Drink Verb Synonyms: tipple, nip, indulge, tope, chug-a-lug, carouse, booze, bend the elbow, hit the bottle, go on a binge or bender, drown one's sorrows, go on a toot, pub-crawl

Other Words for Drink To

Drink To Verb Synonyms: toast, salute, celebrate, pledge

Other Words for Drip

Drip Noun Synonyms: dribble, trickle, drop, drizzle, sprinkle
Drip Verb Synonyms: dribble, trickle, drop, dripping

Other Words for Drive

Drive Noun Synonyms: push, propel, impel, urge, press, thrust, move, motivate, actuate, prod, spur, goad, urge, force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, pressure or pressurize, high-pressure, induce, require, demand
Drive Verb Synonyms: stab, plunge, thrust, sink, push, send, dig, ram

Other Words for Drive At

Drive At Verb Synonyms: hint (at), suggest, imply, intimate, allude or refer to, intend, mean, have in mind, indicate, get at

Other Words for Drive Home

Drive Home Adjective Synonyms: stress, emphasize, impress upon, make clear

Other Words for Drive Up The Wall

Drive Up The Wall Noun Synonyms: drive crazy or insane or mad, madden, exasperate, derange, try, irritate, infuriate, enrage

Other Words for Drivel

Drivel Noun Synonyms: dribble, drool, slobber, slaver
Drivel Verb Synonyms: gibberish, rubbish, (stuff and) nonsense, twaddle, balderdash, hogwash, eyewash, tripe, garbage, malarkey, hooey, hot air, bosh, boloney or baloney, crap, bull, bilge (water), codswallop, horse feathers

Other Words for Droop

Droop Verb Synonyms: languish, weaken, flag, wilt, wither, be limp, slump, sag
Droop Noun Synonyms: sag, hang (down), wilt, dangle

Other Words for Drop

Drop Verb Synonyms: globule, bead, drip, droplet, tear
Drop Noun Synonyms: bit, spot, particle, taste, dram, sip, nip, pinch, dash, dab, smidgen or smidgin

Other Words for Drop In

Drop In Verb Synonyms: visit, call (on), pop in (on), come by, stop in

Other Words for Drop Out

Drop Out Verb Synonyms: withdraw, leave, rusticate, depart, decamp, go away or off, take off, turn off

Other Words for Drown

Drown Verb Synonyms: flood, inundate, swamp, deluge, drench, immerse, submerge, engulf

Other Words for Drowsy

Drowsy Verb Synonyms: sleepy, heavy-lidded, groggy, somnolent, dozy, oscitant, nodding, yawning, torpid, sluggish, tired, weary, listless, lethargic, lazy

Other Words for Drudgery

Drudgery Adjective Synonyms: toil, labour, moil, travail, (hack) work, donkey-work, chore, slog, slogging, slavery, grind, sweat, skivvying, fag

Other Words for Drug

Drug Verb Synonyms: anaesthetize, dope, deaden, knock out, sedate, stupefy, numb, benumb, dull, narcotize, poison, slip (someone) a Mickey (Finn)
Drug Noun Synonyms: medication, medicine, medicament, pharmaceutical, remedy, cure, treatment, cure-all, panacea

Other Words for Druggist

Druggist Verb Synonyms: pharmacist, apothecary, chemist

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