Other Words for Drunk

Drunk Noun Synonyms: drunken, intoxicated, inebriated, besotted, tipsy, groggy, sotted, crapulent or crapulous, in one's cups, under the weather, under the influence, maudlin, ebriate, ebriose, ebrious, soused, pickled, high (as a kite), tight, boozed, boozy, lit (up)
Drunk Adjective Synonyms: exhilarated, excited, exuberant, invigorated, inspirited, animated, ecstatic, flushed, feverish, inflamed, aflame, fervent, fervid, delirious

Other Words for Drunkenness

Drunkenness Noun Synonyms: intoxication, insobriety, intemperance, sottishness, bibulousness, inebriety, crapulence, crapulousness, tipsiness, ebriety, dipsomania, alcoholism, ebriosity, boozing, hitting the bottle or the sauce

Other Words for Dry

Dry Adjective Synonyms: dreary, boring, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, wearying, tiring, dull, uninteresting, monotonous, prosaic, commonplace, stale, uninspired, plain, unadorned, unembellished
Dry Verb Synonyms: dry up or out, wither, shrivel, shrink, wilt
Dry Noun Synonyms: dehydrated, desiccated, arid, sear, parched, waterless, moistureless, barren, bare, fruitless

Other Words for Duck

Duck Verb Synonyms: bob, dodge, dip, dive, stoop, bow, bend, crouch

Other Words for Dud

Dud Noun Synonyms: worthless, valueless, broken, unusable,eless, inoperative, non-functioning, inoperative, malfunctioning, kaput, bust(ed), duff
Dud Verb Synonyms: failure, flop, lead balloon, lemon, washout, dog, clinker

Other Words for Dude

Dude Adjective Synonyms: dandy, fop, fancy dresser, Beau Brummell, popinjay, boulevardier, man about town, coxcomb, macaroni, swell, toff
Dude Noun Synonyms: man, fellow, chap, guy

Other Words for Due

Due Adjective Synonyms: fitting, right, rightful, correct, proper, appropriate, apropos, apposite, suitable, apt, meet, deserved, (well-)earned, merited, just, justified
Due Noun Synonyms: payable, owed, owing, unpaid, outstanding, in arrears

Other Words for Dues

Dues Adverb Synonyms: (membership) fee, charge(s)

Other Words for Duff

Duff Noun Plural Synonyms: bad,eless, worthless, unworkable, inoperable, inoperative, broken, fake, false, counterfeit, dud, phony

Other Words for Duffer

Duffer Adjective Synonyms: incompetent, blunderer, bungler, oaf, ox, lummox

Other Words for Dull

Dull Adjective Synonyms: insensitive, numb, insensible, imperceptive or impercipient, unresponsive, indifferent, unfeeling, unsympathetic, callous, hardened, hard, inured, obtundent
Dull Verb Synonyms: dim, tarnish, obscure, bedim, blur, cloud, becloud
Dull Noun Synonyms: stupid, slow-witted, dense, stolid, bovine, cloddish, clod-like, backward, obtuse, doltish, crass, dumb, thick, dim, dim-witted, dim as a Toc H lamp

Other Words for Duly

Duly Verb Synonyms: properly, fittingly, deservedly, appropriately, suitably, befittingly, rightly, correctly, accordingly
Duly Adverb Synonyms: punctually, on time

Other Words for Dumb

Dumb Adjective Synonyms: dull, stupid, thick
Dumb Adverb Synonyms: mute, speechless, voiceless, silent, quiet, taciturn, mum, wordless, inarticulate

Other Words for Dumbfound

Dumbfound Adjective Synonyms: dumfound, amaze, shock, surprise, startle, astonish, astound, bewilder, stagger, stun, floor, nonplus, confuse, confound, flabbergast, bowl over

Other Words for Dumbfounded

Dumbfounded Verb Synonyms: dumfounded, amazed, shocked, surprised, startled, astonished, astounded, bewildered, staggered, floored, nonplussed, overwhelmed, speechless, stunned, thunderstruck, dazzled, dazed, dumbstruck, taken aback, confused, confounded, bemused, perplexed, baffle

Other Words for Dummy

Dummy Noun Synonyms: sample, copy, reprint, reproduction, likeness, substitution, imitation, sham, mock-up, simulation, phony
Dummy Adjective Synonyms: mannequin, manikin or mannikin, model, figure

Other Words for Dump

Dump Verb Synonyms: get rid of, throw away, scrap, discard, ditch, jettison, dispose of, reject, tip, toss out or away, junk, chuck out or away
Dump Noun Synonyms: unload, offload, empty, drop, deposit, throw or fling down, tip

Other Words for Dumpy

Dumpy Noun Synonyms: stocky, pudgy, squat, chunky, chubby, tubby, stout, plump, portly, fat

Other Words for Dun

Dun Adjective Synonyms: press, importune, solicit, plague, nag, pester, bug

Other Words for Dung

Dung Verb Synonyms: manure, muck, droppings, cow-pats, fertilizer, guano, excrement, faeces or feces, cow or buffalo-chips, horse-apples,

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