Other Words for Dungeon

Dungeon Noun Synonyms: donjon, keep, cell, prison, lock-up, oubliette, black hole, stronghold

Other Words for Dupe

Dupe Noun Synonyms: fool, gull, victim, fair game, chump, fall guy, sucker, sap, boob, pushover, pigeon, mark, mug, patsy

Other Words for Duplicate

Duplicate Adjective Synonyms: (exact or carbon) copy, photocopy, machine copy, double, clone, (perfect) match, facsimile, twin, reproduction, replica, replication, look-alike, Trade Mark Xerox (copy), (dead) ringer
Duplicate Noun Synonyms: copy, photocopy, clone, match, replicate, imitate, reproduce, double, Trade Mark Xerox, repeat, equal
Duplicate Verb Synonyms: identical, twin, matching

Other Words for Durable

Durable Verb Synonyms: enduring, long-lasting, stable, wear-resistant, heavy-duty, hard-wearing, long-wearing, lasting, persistent, indestructible, substantial, sturdy, tough, stout, strong, firm, sound, fixed, fast, permanent, dependable, reliable

Other Words for Duress

Duress Noun Synonyms: confinement, imprisonment, incarceration, captivity, restraint, durance
Duress Adjective Synonyms: coercion, threat, pressure, constraint, compulsion, force, power

Other Words for Dusk

Dusk Noun Synonyms: twilight, sundown, nightfall, evening, sunset, dark, eventide

Other Words for Dusky

Dusky Noun Synonyms: dark, black, ebony, sable, jet-black, swarthy, swart, dark-complected, dark-complexioned
Dusky Adjective Synonyms: shadowy, shady, dim, dark, unilluminated, unlit, murky, subfusc, subfuscous, gloomy, obscure

Other Words for Dutiful

Dutiful Adjective Synonyms: obedient, compliant, willing, obliging, filial, faithful, conscientious, reliable, responsible, diligent, attentive, punctilious, respectful, polite, considerate, deferential, submissive, yielding, acquiescent, malleable, flexible, pliant, accommodating

Other Words for Duty

Duty Adjective Synonyms: responsibility, obligation, burden, onus, devoir, office, work, task, assignment, job, stint, chore, occupation, calling, function, role, part, bit, charge
Duty Noun Synonyms: respect, deference, loyalty, fealty, fidelity, faithfulness, allegiance

Other Words for Dwarf

Dwarf Noun Synonyms: overshadow, dominate, diminish, minimize

Other Words for Dwell

Dwell Verb Synonyms: reside, abide, live, lodge, stay, remain, rest, domicile

Other Words for Dwell On

Dwell On Verb Synonyms: harp on, persist in, emphasize, stress, focus on, linger or tarry over, elaborate (on), labour

Other Words for Dwelling

Dwelling Verb Synonyms: abode, habitation, dwelling-place, house, domicile, lodging, quarters, home, residence, homestead

Other Words for Dwindle

Dwindle Noun Synonyms: diminish, decrease, shrink, lessen, wane, fade, contract, condense, reduce, peter out, waste away, die out or down or away, ebb, decline, subside, taper off, shrivel (up or away)

Other Words for Dying

Dying Verb Synonyms: expiring, sinking, slipping away, going, failing, fading (fast), at death's door, on one's deathbed, with one foot in the grave, in extremis, moribund

Other Words for Dynamic

Dynamic Adjective Synonyms: dynamical, vigorous, active, forceful, energetic, potent, powerful, high-powered, lively, spry, vital, electric, spirited, zealous, eager, emphatic

Other Words for Dynamism

Dynamism Adjective Synonyms: energy, vigor, pep, vitality, liveliness, spirit, spiritedness, forcefulness, power, drive, initiative, enterprise, get-up-and-go, zip, push

Other Words for Dynasty

Dynasty Noun Synonyms: line, family, heritage, house

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