Other Words for Defeat

Defeat Noun Synonyms: frustration, undoing, failure, miscarriage, set-back, Waterloo
Defeat Verb Synonyms: overcome, conquer, vanquish, be victorious over, get the better of, beat, subdue, overwhelm, overpower, prevail over, triumph over, bring down, worst, thrash, rout, repulse, overthrow, trounce, whip, crush, destroy, do in, best

Other Words for Defecate

Defecate Noun Synonyms: void (excrement), move the bowels, excrete, eliminate, evacuate (the bowels), have a (bowel) movement or bm, open the bowels, relieve oneself, Babytalk do number two , Euphemistic go to the men's or ladies' (room), go to the toilet or bathroom

Other Words for Defect

Defect Noun Synonyms: blemish, imperfection, failing, weakness, flaw, fault, mark, stain, irregularity, mistake, error
Defect Verb Synonyms: shortcoming, deficiency, lack, want, inadequacy, insufficiency, shortfall, failure, weakness, frailty, weak point, imperfection, irregularity, liability

Other Words for Defective

Defective Verb Synonyms: imperfect, faulty, flawed, deficient, broken, out of order, impaired, marred, on the blink, on the fritz
Defective Adjective Synonyms: retarded, simple, feeble-minded, (mentally) deficient or incompetent, backward, subnormal, education ESN ('educationally subnormal'), education exceptional

Other Words for Defector

Defector Adjective Synonyms: deserter, apostate, turncoat, traitor, renegade, rat

Other Words for Defend

Defend Adjective Synonyms: protect, watch over, guard, safeguard, keep (safe), shelter, shield, screen, preserve, fight for
Defend Verb Synonyms: fortify, arm, secure, fend or ward off, parry

Other Words for Defense

Defense Noun Synonyms: shelter, protection, cover, guard, safeguard, shield

Other Words for Defenseless

Defenseless Noun Synonyms: unprotected, exposed, vulnerable, unguarded, helpless, weak, powerless, impotent

Other Words for Defer

Defer Verb Synonyms: put off, postpone, delay, shelve, lay or put aside, adjourn, table, kick into touch

Other Words for Defer To

Defer To Verb Synonyms: give in (to), give ground or way (to), yield (to), submit (to), bow (to), capitulate (to), cede (to), accede (to), acquiesce (to), comply (with), agree (to)

Other Words for Deference

Deference Noun Synonyms: obeisance, submission, acquiescence, obedience, compliance
Deference Verb Synonyms: respect, regard, politeness, civility, courtesy, consideration, esteem

Other Words for Defiant

Defiant Noun Synonyms: challenging, bold, brazen, audacious, daring, rebellious, disobedient, stubborn, recalcitrant, obstinate, refractory, unyielding, insubordinate, mutinous, unruly, self-willed, aggressive, headstrong, contumacious, pugnacious, hostile, belligerent, antagon

Other Words for Deficient

Deficient Adjective Synonyms: wanting, lacking, defective, incomplete, unfinished, short, insufficient, inadequate, sketchy, skimpy, scarce

Other Words for Deficit

Deficit Adjective Synonyms: loss, deficiency, shortfall, shortage, default

Other Words for Define

Define Verb Synonyms: describe, explain, interpret, spell out, detail, clarify, delineate, expand on, expatiate on or upon, delineate, characterize, state, name
Define Noun Synonyms: determine, establish, fix, demarcate, mark off or out, delimit, limit, lay or set down, circumscribe, specify, identify, delineate, describe

Other Words for Definite

Definite Verb Synonyms: specific, particular, exact, pronounced, explicit, express, precise
Definite Adjective Synonyms: sure, positive, certain, assured, fixed, settled, confirmed

Other Words for Definitely

Definitely Adjective Synonyms: positively, absolutely, surely, to be sure, assuredly, certainly, indubitably, undoubtedly, categorically, unequivocally, unquestionably, decidedly, finally, once and for all, plainly, clearly, obviously, patently

Other Words for Definition

Definition Noun Synonyms: description, explanation, explication, clarification, statement (of meaning), sense, meaning
Definition Adverb Synonyms: delineation, delimitation, demarcation, outlining, acutance, resolution, distinctness, clarity, sharpness, focus, precision

Other Words for Definitive

Definitive Adjective Synonyms: thorough, through and through, exhaustive, ultimate, consummate, complete, authoritative, reliable
Definitive Noun Synonyms: decisive, final, conclusive, ultimate

Other Words for Deflect

Deflect Adjective Synonyms: avert, turn away or aside, deviate, change, swerve, switch, divert, shy, veer, sidetrack, fend off

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