Other Words for Deformed

Deformed Adjective Synonyms: disfigured, crippled, lame, misshapen, abnormal
Deformed Verb Synonyms: misshapen, malformed, distorted, twisted, grotesque, gnarled, crooked, contorted, awry, warped, bent

Other Words for Defraud

Defraud Adjective Synonyms: cheat, swindle, trick, beguile, cozen, dupe, delude, fool, bilk, fleece, victimize, take in, deceive, humbug, hoodwink, flimflam, do, diddle, con, slip one over on, put (something) over on, pull a fast one on, fast-talk, rope in, take

Other Words for Defray

Defray Verb Synonyms: pay, settle, meet, discharge, liquidate, clear, cover, reimburse, pick up the bill or tab or check (for), foot the bill (for)

Other Words for Defunct

Defunct Verb Synonyms: dead, deceased, extinct
Defunct Adjective Synonyms: inoperative, inapplicable, unused, unusable, invalid, expired, obsolete, passe, dead, expired, non-existent, outmoded, out

Other Words for Defy

Defy Adjective Synonyms: challenge, dare, face, confront, brave, stand up to, flout, brazen out, thumb one's nose at, cock a snook at
Defy Verb Synonyms: frustrate, thwart, baffle, resist, withstand, repel, disobey, repulse

Other Words for Degenerate

Degenerate Adjective Synonyms: decline, deteriorate, decay, sink, worsen, backslide, regress, retrogress, weaken, go to the dogs, go to rack and ruin, go to pot
Degenerate Verb Synonyms: debased, degraded, corrupt, corrupted, vitiated, decadent, depraved, reprobate, dissolute, ignoble, base, low, inferior, vile

Other Words for Degradation

Degradation Noun Synonyms: degeneracy, degeneration, deterioration, corruptness, corruption, vitiation, baseness, depravity, turpitude

Other Words for Degrade

Degrade Verb Synonyms: disgrace, dishonour, humble, shame, discredit, debase, demean, abase, humiliate, mortify, belittle, deprecate, depreciate, cheapen, reduce, lower
Degrade Noun Synonyms: downgrade, demote, break, cashier, unfrock, disbar, depose, unseat, disfranchise or disenfranchise, drum out (of the corps), naval disrate, military bust

Other Words for Degrading

Degrading Verb Synonyms: demeaning, humiliating, shameful, shaming, debasing, lowering, discreditable

Other Words for Degree

Degree Adjective Synonyms: grade, level, stage, class, caste, rank, order, scale, standing, status, station, position, situation, estate, condition
Degree Noun Synonyms: measure, magnitude, extent, limit, point, lengths, step

Other Words for Deign

Deign Noun Synonyms: condescend, stoop, vouchsafe, concede, yield, agree

Other Words for Deity

Deity Verb Synonyms: god, goddess, Supreme Being, creator, demiurge

Other Words for Dejected

Dejected Noun Synonyms: downcast, downhearted, depressed, dispirited, discouraged, despondent, down, low, chap-fallen, crestfallen, melancholy, sad, unhappy, gloomy, glum, miserable, blue, low-spirited, in low spirits, forlorn, woebegone, disconsolate, sorrowful, morose

Other Words for Delay

Delay Noun Synonyms: lull, interlude, hiatus, interruption, gap, interval, lacuna, stop, stoppage, wait, waiting, hold-up, suspension
Delay Adjective Synonyms: postpone, put off or aside, defer, temporize, suspend, shelve, hold off or up (on), put on hold, hold in abeyance, put or keep in a holding pattern, pigeon-hole, put on ice, put in or into the deep-freeze, put on the back burner
Delay Verb Synonyms: hold up or back, detain, impede, hinder, retard, keep, bog down, set back, slow (up or down), stop, arrest, halt, check, obstruct

Other Words for Delectation

Delectation Noun Synonyms: delight, enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, diversion, pleasure, satisfaction

Other Words for Delegate

Delegate Verb Synonyms: assign, give, hand over or on, pass over or on, depute, transfer, entrust, relegate, pass the buck for, buck
Delegate Noun Synonyms: envoy, agent, legate, representative, ambassador, plenipotentiary, minister, emissary, commissioner, (papal) nuncio, (papal) internuncio, spokesperson, spokesman, spokeswoman, go-between

Other Words for Delete

Delete Verb Synonyms: erase, cancel, rub or cross out or off, remove, blot out, expunge, efface, eliminate, obliterate, wipe out, eradicate, strike out, cut or edit (out), blue-pencil, dele

Other Words for Deliberate

Deliberate Adjective Synonyms: overdue, past due, in arrears, late, unpaid
Deliberate Verb Synonyms: intentional, planned, studied, wilful, intended, premeditated, calculated, conscious, prearranged, purposeful, preconceived, considered, cold-blooded

Other Words for Deliberately

Deliberately Verb Synonyms: intentionally, on purpose, purposely, wilfully or willfully, consciously, wittingly, calculatedly, calculatingly, knowingly, pointedly, resolutely, of one's (own) free will, on one's own, with one's eyes (wide) open

Other Words for Delicacy

Delicacy Adverb Synonyms: fineness, exquisiteness, gracefulness, beauty, lightness, daintiness
Delicacy Noun Synonyms: fragility, fragileness, frailty, frailness, weakness, infirmity, feebleness, tenderness, susceptibility

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