Other Words for Demoralize

Demoralize Adjective Synonyms: dispirit, daunt, dishearten, discourage, defeat, weaken, cripple, enervate, devitalize, depress, subdue, crush
Demoralize Verb Synonyms: corrupt, pervert, deprave, vitiate, debase, debauch

Other Words for Denial

Denial Noun Synonyms: retraction, recantation, renunciation, withdrawal
Denial Verb Synonyms: contradiction, negation, repudiation, refutation, disavowal, disclaimer, disaffirmation

Other Words for Denizen

Denizen Noun Synonyms: inhabitant, dweller, occupant, frequenter, resident, citizen

Other Words for Denomination

Denomination Noun Synonyms: sect, persuasion, school, church, order

Other Words for Denote

Denote Verb Synonyms: mean, name, symbolize, represent, betoken
Denote Noun Synonyms: indicate, specify, designate, distinguish, signify, mark, note

Other Words for Denounce

Denounce Verb Synonyms: accuse, brand, stigmatize, charge, blame, incriminate, implicate, complain about

Other Words for Dense

Dense Verb Synonyms: compact, thick, compressed, condensed, close, solid, heavy, impenetrable
Dense Adjective Synonyms: crowded, packed, tight, impenetrable, impassable

Other Words for Deny

Deny Verb Synonyms: reject, refuse, withhold, forbid, turn down, decline, disallow, recall, revoke, recant
Deny Adjective Synonyms: contradict, gainsay, refute, controvert, disaffirm, disclaim, confute, negate, dispute

Other Words for Depart

Depart Verb Synonyms: go, go away or out or from or off, leave, quit, retire, retreat, withdraw, exit, set out or forth or off, decamp, abscond, fly, cut and run, skip (out), run off or away or out, take to the road, take one's leave, check out

Other Words for Depart From

Depart From Verb Synonyms: deviate, change, diverge, turn (aside or away), differ, vary, break away, leave, abandon, stray, veer

Other Words for Department

Department Verb Synonyms: division, subdivision, branch, office, bureau, section, segment, unit, part
Department Noun Synonyms: responsibility, concern, worry, sphere, bailiwick, jurisdiction, domain, control, area or sphere of influence or activity

Other Words for Depend On

Depend On Noun Synonyms: be contingent or dependent or conditional on, turn on, hinge on, pivot on, hang on, be subject to, rest on, be influenced or determined or conditioned by
Depend On Verb Synonyms: trust (in), rely on, count on, reckon on, bank on, be sure of, put one's faith or trust in

Other Words for Deplorable

Deplorable Adjective Synonyms: shameful, disgraceful, scandalous, disreputable, awful, bad, appalling, dreadful, abominable, execrable, terrible, reprehensible
Deplorable Verb Synonyms: lamentable, regrettable, sad, woeful, grievous, wretched, miserable, unfortunate, awful, distressing, disturbing, troubling, upsetting, grave, serious, oppressive, difficult, desperate, hopeless, tragic, disastrous

Other Words for Deposit

Deposit Noun Synonyms: precipitate, sediment, silt, alluvium, dregs, lees, accumulation, deposition
Deposit Adjective Synonyms: place, leave, set or put or lay (down), drop, plunk down
Deposit Verb Synonyms: entrust, leave, lodge, consign, keep, place, put, store, save, set aside, bank, lay or put away, pay in, stash away

Other Words for Depreciate

Depreciate Noun Synonyms: devalue, devaluate, decrease, diminish, lessen, reduce, lower, depress, cheapen, mark down
Depreciate Verb Synonyms: disparage, diminish, deride, decry, underrate, undervalue, underestimate, minimize, belittle, slight, derogate, deprecate, discredit, denigrate, run down, vilipend, play down, talk down

Other Words for Depredation

Depredation Verb Synonyms: plunder, plundering, pillage, pillaging, despoliation, despoiling, ravaging, sacking, laying waste, devastation, destruction, ransacking, robbery, looting, ravages

Other Words for Depress

Depress Verb Synonyms: weaken, dull, debilitate, enervate, sap, depreciate, cheapen, devalue, devaluate, diminish, lower, bring down, reduce
Depress Noun Synonyms: deject, dispirit, oppress, sadden, grieve, cast down, dishearten, discourage, dampen, cast a gloom or pall over, burden, weigh down

Other Words for Depression

Depression Verb Synonyms: indentation, dent, dimple, impression, pit, hollow, recess, cavity, concavity, dip
Depression Noun Synonyms: dejection, despair, gloom, downheartedness, sadness, melancholy, discouragement, despondency, gloominess, glumness, the blues, unhappiness, the dumps

Other Words for Deprive

Deprive Noun Synonyms: withhold, deny, refuse, withdraw, remove, strip, dispossess, take away, expropriate, divest, mulct

Other Words for Deprived

Deprived Verb Synonyms: needy, in want, in need, impoverished, badly off, destitute, poor, poverty-stricken, Euphemistic underprivileged, disadvantaged

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