Other Words for Dab Hand

Dab Hand Verb Synonyms
past master, expert, master, adept, authority, wizard, ace
Oscar is a dab hand at wood-carving.

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Laying On Of Hands

Health / Massage / Laying On Of Hands: In alternative medicine, an ancient method of healing by touching a person with the hands or palms, usually on the head, shoulders, or waist. Also called contact healing. See also: Therapeutic touch. MORE

In Hand

Business / Finance / In Hand: Indication that the customer has revealed trading interest to multiple brokers and that the trade will take place with the firm having the highest bid or lowest offer. Antithesis of exclusive. MORE

Housing Affordability Index

Business / Real Estate / Housing Affordability Index: A measure of the percentage of the United States population who can afford to purchase a home, based on average income and average home price. MORE


Business / Finance / Merchandise: All movable goods such as cars, textiles, or appliances. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Non-Refundable: A fare that cannot be refunded either in cash or via a credit card credit; very seldom is there an exception. MORE


Business / Finance / Nontradables: Goods and services produced and consumed domestically that are not close substitutes to import or export goods and services. MORE