Other Words for Damn

Damn Verb Synonyms
jot or tittle, brass farthing, hoot, two hoots (in hell), tinker's damn or cuss
His opinion isn't worth a damn.

curse (at), swear (at), execrate
I damned the day I first set foot in that house.

condemn, criticize, find fault with, berate, castigate, upbraid, attack, blast, reprimand, reprove, remonstrate, denounce, blame
Some would damn him for saving the murderer from drowning, others would damn him if he didn't.

doom, condemn, sentence
Sisyphus was damned for all eternity to roll a heavy stone up a hill.

More Words for Damn


Infant Damnation

Entertainment / Literature / Infant Damnation: A rather grim Protestant doctrine associated with Puritan theologian John Calvin. It is closely associated with the doctrines of 'Total Depravity,' 'Original Sin,' and 'The Elect.' The idea of Infant MORE

The Elect

Entertainment / Literature / The Elect: John Calvin's Puritan doctrines emphasized God's prescience and omnipotence and de-emphasized human free will. Accordingly, for Calvin, the vast majority of humanity is fated for damnation because of MORE


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Total Depravity

Entertainment / Literature / Total Depravity: A doctrine associated with John Calvin's doctrine of Infant Damnation and Saint Augustine's and Saint Tertullian's doctrine of Original Sin. Total depravity argues that, because of Adam's fall from Gr MORE

Substantive Adjective

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