Other Words for Damp

Damp Adjective Synonyms
moistness, moisture, dampness, clamminess, humidity
The mould on the walls is the result of the damp.

clammy, moist, wettish, humid, dank, misty, dewy, steamy, muggy
Wipe off the table with a damp cloth. Nothing dries out in this damp weather.

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Damping Factor

Technology / Home Audio / Damping Factor: The ratio of rated load impedance to the internal impedance of an amplifier. The higher the value, the more efficiently an amplifier can control unwanted movement of the speaker coil. A high damping f MORE

Steering Damper

Technology / Motorcycle / Steering Damper: In order to prevent or minimize the front wheel from oscillating left and right over varied or bumpy pavement, some street motorcycles utilize a steering damper. On most bikes, this is simply a hydrau MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Damping: As Newton observed, an object once set in ,motion will keep on moving unless a restrictive counterforce is applied. Damping is that force at work in the mechanical resistance that is applied to a spea MORE


Business / Construction / Damper: A metal 'door' placed within the fireplace chimney. Normally closed when the fireplace is not in use. MORE

Flue Damper

Business / Construction / Flue Damper: An automatic door located in the flue that closes it off when the burner turns off: purpose is to reduce heat loss up the flue from the still-warm furnace or boiler. MORE


Business / Construction / Dampproofing: The black, tar like waterproofing material applied to the exterior of a foundation wall. MORE