Other Words for Dance

Dance Verb Synonyms
cavort, gambol, caper, skip, leap, romp, trip the light fantastic (toe), cut a rug, sashay, bop, hoof it
We danced for joy when we heard the news. Would you care to dance.

ball, social, dancing party, th‚ dansant, tea dance, promenade, shindig or shindy, hop, bop, prom
I have invited her to the dance on Saturday evening.


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Source Impedance

Technology / Home Audio / Source Impedance: A parameter of an audio component referring to the output impedance. A low output impedence .5 to 4 ohms, is preferred for automotive applications. MORE

Nominal Impedance

Technology / Home Audio / Nominal Impedance: The minimum impedance a loudspeaker presents to an amplifier, directly related to the power the speaker can extract from the amplifier. MORE

Dance-Movement Therapies

Health / Massage / Dance-Movement Therapies: Dance/movement therapies focus on personal expression to enhance emotional and psychological healing. Using expressive movement as a tool, this modality lends itself to treatment of the physically dis MORE

Google Dance

Business / Internet Marketing / Google Dance: Some internet marketers reference 'Google Dance' as the time just after the search engine results pages change because of a change in Google algorithms. Usually webmasters and marketers who lost top r MORE

Cost of Attendance

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