Other Words for Danger

Danger Adjective Synonyms
peril, risk, threat, hazard, jeopardy
The danger of an avalanche is too great to go skiing.

Endangered Species

Business / Agriculture / Endangered Species: Species of animals or plants likely to go extinct in the foreseeable future unless current trends are altered. They are listed by regulation under the Endangered Species Act and assigned the Act’s h MORE

Taking Endangered Or Threatened Species

Business / Agriculture / Taking Endangered Or Threatened Species: Taking, in layman’s terms, means killing or removing a plant or animal of a species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), or seriously damaging its chances of reproduction. Except under spe MORE

Endangered Species Act

Business / Real Estate / Endangered Species Act: Passed by the United States Congress in 1973. The Act was originally intended to protect endangered species on federal lands. Since passage, the Act has been used to prohibit development or other land MORE

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Of 1973

Business / Agriculture / Endangered Species Act (ESA) Of 1973: P.L. 93-205 (December 28, 1973), as amended, is one of the major federal laws protecting species and the ecosystems on which they depend. While states generally have primacy in wildlife law, this is o MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Endangered: A species or ecosystem that is so reduced or delicate that it is threatened with or on the verge of extinction. Compare extinct, extirpated, threatened, vulnerable. MORE

Defense Mechanism

Science / Psychiatry / Defense Mechanism: Automatic psychological process that protects the individual against anxiety and from awareness of internal or external stressors or dangers. Defense mechanisms mediate the individuals reaction to emo MORE