Other Words for Delay

Delay Adjective Synonyms
postpone, put off or aside, defer, temporize, suspend, shelve, hold off or up (on), put on hold, hold in abeyance, put or keep in a holding pattern, pigeon-hole, put on ice, put in or into the deep-freeze, put on the back burner
We shall delay our decision till next month.

Delay Noun Synonyms
tarrying, loitering, dawdling, dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying
There should be no further delay in shipping the order.

lull, interlude, hiatus, interruption, gap, interval, lacuna, stop, stoppage, wait, waiting, hold-up, suspension
After an hour's delay, service was resumed.

Delay Verb Synonyms
postponement, deferral, deferment, wait, hold-up, set-back
There will be a ten-day delay in paying the rent.

hold up or back, detain, impede, hinder, retard, keep, bog down, set back, slow (up or down), stop, arrest, halt, check, obstruct
Delivery of the mail has been delayed by the strike. We were delayed by traffic.

loiter, procrastinate, hesitate, poke or drag (along), tarry, wait, lag (behind), dawdle, hang back, stall, linger, dally, mark time, potter or putter, vacillate, dilly-dally, shilly-shally, drag one's feet
Stop delaying and get to work.

More Words for Delay

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Delay Of Game

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Delayed Action

Entertainment / Photography / Delayed Action: Operation of the shutter some time after the release is depressed. Most shutters have a delayed action timer built in. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Roundelay: A term used as a generic label for fixed forms of poetry using limited rhymes--such as the rondeau, rondel, and roundel. The word roundelay can be used in reference to the musical background (setting) MORE

Delay Rental

Science / Geology / Delay Rental: A payment to a mineral rights owner by a lessee if commercial production does not begin according to the terms of the mineral rights contract. Failure to pay the delay rental will result in terminatio MORE

Delayed Health Effect

Health / Disease / Delayed Health Effect: A disease or an injury that happens as a result of exposures that might have occurred in the past. MORE