Other Words for Development

Development Noun Synonyms
evolution, growth, evolvement, maturation, unfolding, maturing, maturity, increase, expansion, enlargement, increment, advance, advancement, progress, improvement
She has studied the region's economic development.

Development Verb Synonyms
occurrence, happening, event, incident, circumstance, situation, condition, phenomenon
William Nye will report new developments from the scene.

More Words for Development


Two-Bath Development

Entertainment / Photography / Two-Bath Development: Development of negatives in two stages. Developer without alkali is followed by an alkali bath, which activates development. MORE

Purchase Of Development Rights (PDR)

Business / Agriculture / Purchase Of Development Rights (PDR): The acquisition of property development rights through voluntary sale by the landowner to a government agency or land trust. The government agency or land trust acquiring development rights typically MORE

Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR)

Business / Agriculture / Transfer Of Development Rights (TDR): Property rights that may not be used on the land from which they were derived: usually they are sold from areas where uses are restricted, such as active agricultural areas, to receiving or growth are MORE

Surface Development

Entertainment / Photography / Surface Development: Development process in which the image forms primarily on the surface of the emulsion and then penetrates deeper. MORE

Viviparous (Development)

Science / Marine Biology / Viviparous (Development): Refers to development of an organism through the juvenile stage within a parent MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Under-Development: Reduction in the degree of development. It is usually caused by shortened development time or a decrease in the temperature of the solution. It results in a loss of density and a reduction in image co MORE