Other Words for Dim

Dim Adjective Synonyms
stupid, obtuse, doltish, dull, dull-witted, foolish, slow-witted, dim-witted, dense, thick, dumb
Anyone who can't understand that is really quite dim.

obscure, dull, becloud
His natural feelings of compassion had been dimmed by neglect.

Dim Verb Synonyms
obscure, obscured, vague, faint, weak, weakened, pale, imperceptible, fuzzy, indistinct, ill-defined, indiscernible, undefined, indistinguishable, foggy, clouded, cloudy, nebulous, blurred, blurry, unclear, dull, hazy, misty, dark, shadowy, murky
Her beauty made The bright world dim. We could barely see in the dim light of the cave.

darken, bedim, shroud, shade
Twilight dims the sky above. The stage-lights dimmed and the curtain fell.

More Words for Dim

Shade / Dark / Weak / Thick / Dense

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