Other Words for Discount

Discount Adjective Synonyms
reduce, mark down, deduct, lower, take or knock off
As I was buying a dozen, he discounted the price by ten per cent.

Discount Verb Synonyms
disregard, omit, ignore, pass or gloss over, overlook, brush off, dismiss
Those statistics are old and can be discounted.

diminish, lessen, minimize, detract from
One must discount what she says when she's angry.

reduction, mark-down, deduction, rebate, allowance
The shop overstocked the item and is offering it at a big discount.

Discount Fares

Life Style / Travel / Discount Fares: Short-term promotional fares or other discounted fares of varied duration. MORE

Deep Discount Brokerage Firm

Business / Taxes / Deep Discount Brokerage Firm: A financial services company that offers rock-bottom rates for large-volume securities transactions is sometimes described as a deep discount firm. However, online brokerage firms or electronic commun MORE

Discounted Basis

Business / Finance / Discounted Basis: The yield or annual interest rate on a security sold to an investor at a discount. A bond that is sold at $4875 that matures to $5000 has a discount of $125. To calculate the discount yield: (discount MORE

Discounting The News

Business / Finance / Discounting The News: Calculating the present value of a future amount. Discounting is opposite to compounding. MORE

Discount Point

Business / Taxes / Discount Point: Some lenders require you to prepay a portion of the interest due on your mortgage as a condition of approving the loan. They set the amount due at one or more discount points, with each discount point MORE

Discounted Cash Flow

Business / Real Estate / Discounted Cash Flow: Used in measuring the return from a real estate investment, the present value of a future income stream as determined by a given discount rate. MORE