Other Words for Dismissal

Dismissal Noun Synonyms
cancellation, adjournment, discharge, end, release, cong‚
The judge ordered dismissal of the charge of murder.

Dismissal Verb Synonyms
discharge, expulsion, notice, firing, bounce, marching orders, walking papers, sack, sacking, one's cards, pink slip, the (old) heave-ho , the boot
Cholmondley got his dismissal yesterday.

More Words for Dismissal

Sack / Notice / End / Release


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Waiver: A document signed by either an employee or prospective employee in which he or she renounces certain specified rights or considerations. MORE


Science / Biology / Termination: The end of translation; occurs when the ribosome reaches the stop codon on the messenger RNA molecule and the polypeptide, the messenger RNA, and the transfer RNA molecule are released from the riboso MORE