Other Words for Doubt

Doubt Noun Synonyms
distrust, mistrust, suspicion, incredulity, scepticism, dubiousness, dubiety or dubiosity, lack of faith or conviction, irresolution
Her doubts about his intentions have evaporated.

Doubt Verb Synonyms
disbelieve, discredit, mistrust, distrust, have misgivings (about), question, suspect
I doubted his ability to beat the record.

uncertainty, hesitation, misgiving, reservation(s), qualm, anxiety, worry, apprehension, disquiet, fear
He has harboured doubts about the success of the enterprise.

hesitate, waver, vacillate, fluctuate, scruple, be uncertain, entertain doubts, have reservations
Who ever doubted about her honesty.

More Words for Doubt

Fear / Scruple / Suspect / Question


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