Other Words for Drive

Drive Noun Synonyms
driveway, approach, (private) road or street, lane, byway, (scenic) route
The drive up to the house is lined with trees.

campaign, effort, appeal, crusade
The club has had a successful membership drive this year.

push, propel, impel, urge, press, thrust, move, motivate, actuate, prod, spur, goad, urge, force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, pressure or pressurize, high-pressure, induce, require, demand
What drove you to become a traitor? .

energy, effort, impetus, vigor, vim, spunk, enterprise, industry, initiative, ambition, ambitiousness, determination, persistence, urgency, zeal, enthusiasm, keenness, aggressiveness, get-up-and-go, pep, zip, push, hustle
She owes her success to her drive as well as her talent.

Drive Verb Synonyms
stab, plunge, thrust, sink, push, send, dig, ram
He has driven the dagger deep into the monster's heart.

ride, trip, outing, journey, run, tour, excursion, spin, whirl
On Sundays we would go for a drive in the country.

herd, drove, shepherd, ride herd (on)
We used to drive the cattle up the old Chisholm Trail to market in Abilene.

More Words for Drive

Make / Stab / Ram / Herd / Force / Sink / Run / Demand / Move / Spunk / Press

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