Other Words for Enhance

Enhance Noun Synonyms: improve, better, augment, boost, raise, elevate, lift, heighten, exalt, enlarge, swell, magnify, increase, add to, amplify, intensify, enrich, embellish, complement, reinforce, strengthen

Other Words for Enigma

Enigma Verb Synonyms: puzzle, conundrum, mystery, riddle, poser, problem

Other Words for Enjoy

Enjoy Noun Synonyms: delight in, appreciate, like, take or derive pleasure or satisfaction in or from, relish (in), fancy, take to, dig, get a kick or lift or charge out of, get high on, get off on
Enjoy Verb Synonyms: benefit or profit from, take advantage of, utilize, make use of,e to advantage, have, possess

Other Words for Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy Yourself Verb Synonyms: have a good time, make merry, have a ball or the time of one's life

Other Words for Enjoyment

Enjoyment Verb Synonyms: pleasure, delight, joy, gratification, satisfaction, relish, zest, delectation, recreation, entertainment, diversion, amusement
Enjoyment Noun Synonyms: use, utilization, exercise, possession, benefit, advantage

Other Words for Enlarge

Enlarge Noun Synonyms: increase, expand, magnify, amplify, extend, swell, dilate, spread, wax, widen, broaden, lengthen, elongate, stretch, distend, add to, supplement, augment, inflate, blow up

Other Words for Enlarge On

Enlarge On Verb Synonyms: expand on, expatiate on, amplify, expound, detail, elaborate (on)

Other Words for Enlighten

Enlighten Verb Synonyms: inform, edify, instruct, teach, tutor, educate, coach, apprise, make aware, advise, counsel

Other Words for Enlightened

Enlightened Verb Synonyms: well-informed, informed, educated, aware, knowledgeable, literate, rational, reasonable, sensible, common-sense, commonsensical, broad-minded, open-minded, liberal, cultivated, civilized, sophisticated, in the know

Other Words for Enlist

Enlist Verb Synonyms: employ, hire, engage, retain, make available, secure, obtain, get, procure, gather, drum up, mobilize, organize
Enlist Adjective Synonyms: enrol, register, join (up), volunteer, sign up or on, engage, recruit, induct, muster, conscript, impress, call up, draft

Other Words for Enliven

Enliven Verb Synonyms: invigorate, inspirit, animate, pep up, stimulate, energize, vivify, vitalize, quicken, exhilarate, arouse, rouse, awaken, wake up, spark (off), kindle, enkindle, fire (up), inspire

Other Words for Enormity

Enormity Verb Synonyms: outrageousness, outrage, atrociousness, atrocity, wickedness, heinousness, flagitiousness, horribleness, horror, barbarity, savagery, monstrousness, horridness, evil, viciousness

Other Words for Enormous

Enormous Noun Synonyms: huge, immense, gigantic, elephantine, gargantuan, mammoth, titanic, colossal, tremendous, vast, massive, stupendous, Brobdingnagian, gross, monstrous, prodigious

Other Words for Enormousness

Enormousness Adjective Synonyms: immensity, hugeness

Other Words for Enough

Enough Noun Synonyms: sufficient, adequate, ample
Enough Adjective Synonyms: sufficiency, adequacy, ample supply, plenty

Other Words for Enquire

Enquire Adverb Synonyms: inquire, ask, question, query

Other Words for Enrage

Enrage Verb Synonyms: anger, infuriate, madden, incense, provoke, inflame, make (someone's) blood boil, get (someone's) back or Irish or hackles or dander up, make (someone) see red, wave a red flag before (someone), make (someone's) blood boil, burn (someone) up

Other Words for Enrapture

Enrapture Verb Synonyms: enchant, entrance, transport, thrill, bewitch, spellbind, fascinate, charm, enthral, captivate, beguile, delight

Other Words for Enrich

Enrich Verb Synonyms: endow, enhance, improve, upgrade, better, ameliorate, refine, add to

Other Words for Enroll

Enroll Verb Synonyms: enlist, register, sign up or on (for), join, volunteer, recruit, join up

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