Other Words for Ensemble

Ensemble Noun Synonyms: band, combination, orchestra, group, chorus, choir, combo
Ensemble Verb Synonyms: outfit, costume, clothing, clothes, attire, apparel, garb, garments, coordinates, get-up

Other Words for Enslave

Enslave Noun Synonyms: subjugate, yoke, fetter, enchain, shackle, trammel, dominate, bind, indenture, enthral

Other Words for Ensure

Ensure Synonyms: insure, protect, make safe, safeguard, guard, secure
Ensure Verb Synonyms: insure, assure, make sure or certain, confirm, certify, guarantee, secure, effect

Other Words for Entail

Entail Verb Synonyms: involve, require, call for, necessitate, demand, occasion, give rise to, impose, lead to, cause

Other Words for Entangle

Entangle Verb Synonyms: tangle, ensnarl, snarl, enmesh, catch (up), entrap, snag, foul, implicate, knot (up), twist, impede, involve, embroil

Other Words for Enter

Enter Verb Synonyms: go or come (in or into), pass (into)

Other Words for Enter Into

Enter Into Verb Synonyms: engage or participate in, sign, be (a) party to, co-sign, countersign

Other Words for Enterprise

Enterprise Verb Synonyms: undertaking, project, venture, adventure, effort, programme, plan, scheme
Enterprise Noun Synonyms: business, operation, firm, company, concern, establishment

Other Words for Enterprising

Enterprising Noun Synonyms: resourceful, venturesome, adventurous, daring, courageous, bold, brave, mettlesome, audacious, enthusiastic, eager, keen, zealous, energetic, spirited, vigorous, ambitious, determined, resolved, resolute, earnest, purposeful, purposive, goal-oriented

Other Words for Entertain

Entertain Verb Synonyms: contemplate, consider, have, hold, harbor, foster, tolerate, allow, maintain, sustain, support
Entertain Noun Synonyms: amuse, divert, delight, please, occupy
Entertain Adjective Synonyms: receive, accommodate, treat, be host (to), cater (for or to), have or see people or guests or visitors or company, host

Other Words for Entertaining

Entertaining Verb Synonyms: amusing, diverting, delightful, enjoyable, pleasant, fun, pleasing, pleasurable, interesting, engaging, funny, comic, humorous, witty

Other Words for Entertainment

Entertainment Verb Synonyms: amusement, diversion, distraction, pastime, recreation, sport, play, fun, pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation, relief

Other Words for Enthralling

Enthralling Adjective Synonyms: captivating, entrancing, spellbinding, enchanting, bewitching, beguiling, fascinating, gripping, absorbing, intriguing, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, riveting

Other Words for Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm Noun Synonyms: eagerness, keenness, earnestness, fervor, avidity, zeal, excitement, passion, ardor, interest, relish, devotion, devotedness, gusto, exuberance, zest, fanaticism, mania, rage
Enthusiasm Adjective Synonyms: rage, passion, craze, hobby, interest, pastime, diversion, amusement, fad

Other Words for Enthusiast

Enthusiast Noun Synonyms: fan, devotee, aficionado, lover, admirer, zealot, addict, fanatic, promoter, supporter, champion, follower, disciple, adherent, booster, teeny-bopper, bug, hound, buff, fiend, nut, freak, groupie, head

Other Words for Enthusiastic

Enthusiastic Noun Synonyms: eager, keen, fervent, fervid, hearty, ardent, avid, energetic, vigorous, devoted, earnest, passionate, spirited, exuberant, zealous, fanatic(al), unqualified, unstinting, irrepressible

Other Words for Entice

Entice Noun Synonyms: lure, allure, tempt, attract, draw, seduce, coax, persuade, prevail on, beguile, cajole, blandish, wheedle, decoy, lead on, inveigle, sweet-talk, soft-soap, suck in

Other Words for Enticement

Enticement Adjective Synonyms: temptation, allurement, beguilement, seduction, cajolery, wheedling, blandishment, coaxing, persuasion

Other Words for Entire

Entire Adjective Synonyms: continuous, full, whole, complete, uninterrupted
Entire Verb Synonyms: complete, whole, total, full, undivided, absolute, thorough, unreserved, unrestricted, undiminished, unconditional, express, unexceptional, unmixed, unalloyed
Entire Noun Synonyms: intact, whole, sound, unbroken, undamaged, unimpaired, inviolate, without a scratch, unscathed, in one piece

Other Words for Entirely

Entirely Adjective Synonyms: completely, wholly, altogether, fully, totally, utterly, unreservedly, unqualifiedly, unexceptionally, in every respect, in all respects, thoroughly, to a T, in toto, exhaustively, all out, from head to toe or foot, (right) down to the ground, from A to Z

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